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Girl, when I saw your ticker today, I couldn't believe how close your wedding is!! I remember that you and I got engaged on the same day and have been on TK about the same time, so I feel like I been on this journey with you! How is the last minute planning going? Starting to get nervous? I still have about 5 more months...

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    Hi Darling! Yes, we have been on this journey together girl! Umm, it's scarey! LOL I have a $hit load of little details to take care of. Right  now I am dealing with RSVP DRAMA! LOL You know how "our people" do us Girl! LOL Your time is coming fast too child!  I am not really nervous, I'm just ready to be DONE with the RSVP stuff. Thanks for checking in on me! I'm back and will be posting more! TTYL!
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