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Hello all. I am planning on designing my invitations, seating cards and all other printed material myself. I am a Graphic Designer and this is what I do, however I am nervous that it will put extra stress on myself. In order to relieve some stress I am wondering how far in advance I should start designing things. I am going to have some trouble motivating myself since the invites are for me and I might change my mind 100 times. What do you think?
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  • I think that only you know how quickly you work and how sure of your design skills and design you are.  This isn't a question we can answer. If you're stressed about not being able to finish them, I'd suggest getting started right away.  You may find that they're not as time consuming as you originally feared. 
  • Agreed w/PP.

    I started working with a graphic designer about 9 months before wedding and changed my mind...and now 3 mo before the wedding, I just received the invites!
  • I'm designing my own as well and started well over a year before the wedding. I've gone through probably 6 or more designs, and finally created "the one". It was a little stressful designing, only because I tend to change my feelings about my design after looking at it a few times. My biggest stress now is figuring out the best way to get them printed. I've had some freak outs that it's almost July and I do not have them printed and the wedding is in September... AHH!
  • I tend to change my mind often too! I am going to start working on them asap, once I get back from my vacation. I want to do the save the dates now so they will be ready for Septemeber when I want to send them out. I think if I start now then it should be relatively stress free! Thanks for the advice everyone.
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