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I haven't been on here in forever!  I am having my first wedding cake consultation next weekend. I do not know much about wedding cakes.  I was wondering what an average price of a wedding cake is these days?  I am getting married in Lancaster.  Does anyone know any good places to go that are not too expensive?

Thanks for the help!

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    check out

    that's who i'm using.  I think she's located in camp hill, but will deliver to lancaster.  Jasmine is the owner and she is really awesome to work with so far.  She was the most affordable when I booked with her, but she's getting a lot more recognized now, so I'm not sure if she's raised her prices.  Last weekend one of her cakes won first place at the hershey chocolate fest.

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    When I got married in 2007, I'd say the average price was $3-5/slice.

    We checked out a few places, and by far the best cake we tried was made by Providence Spotts in York. Her contact info is in my bio. Hth!
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    I am also using Jasmine from Sprinkles and Swirls. She is super nice, very creative and her prices are the best i saw all over the lancaster/harrisburg area. Also she doesnt charge extra for fun or different design elements like some places do.  Oh and most importantly, her cake is DELICIOUS!
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    I'm actually using Oregon Dairy near Brownstown. The prices are reasonable I just can't remember them exactly right now. We are going with a styrofoam cake and that cuts the cost almost in half! We then order sheets cakes with yummy filling to serve to  our guests! That was the first and only place I went to look for a cake. The sample cakes she sent home with us were awesome!!
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    If you're going for cheap, try  She starts at like $1.50.  She's from the Bernville area.
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    We're using Bella Manse and we're also getting married in Lancaster. We looked at other popular Lancaster cake joints and they came to 6-7 dollars a slice!

    She's making an a gorgeous original cake for 4.25 a slice. Good luck!!!
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