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car + deer = frustrating sunday evening

So my FI and I spent the weekend up at the lakes with my parents. It was great, so relaxing... Leaving this afternoon we aren't even on the road for 10 minutes and a deer comes out of nowhere right after the crest of a hill. My car looks sad right now.

What we thought was a headlight was actually the nissan emblem flying across the highway, the grill has been ripped off and the stuff behind it is broken up. The license plate looks like an accordion. The hood is smashed and dented in... But it was still drivable to get home.

It just stinks with added stress from this. My deductible is $500 but it's an extra $500 we don't really have right now and although my parents offered to help, they are paying for a nice chunk of the wedding so I don't feel good taking more money.

The wedding is coming around the corner and we just bought a house and the seller keeps wanting to push the closing date sooner. Now that wouldn't have been all that bad (our apartment is a hovel!)... This is just extra excitement that doesn't need to occur right now!

I am very emtionally tired. I was a basketcase after it happened. It was a baby deer.... I just hope it didn't lay there and suffer. I saw it fly through the air and over the guardrail.... Ugh, I need to go to bed. Thanks for listening to my venting.

Re: car + deer = frustrating sunday evening

  • Sorry about your night!  Unfortunately I can't think of any helpful advice for this one, that just sucks.  Hang in there though, hopefully you'll have a better week!
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  • I am sorry this happened to you guys. At least everyone is ok. The car can be fixed, you guys are more important than the car. And everything always works out in the end.
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  • Thanks guys. I am glad that neither of us were hurt and that the deer was small enough and it hit in a way that it didn't smack into the windshield. It does suck though.

    I guess it makes me more upset cuz I bought that car when it was brand new with my own money and I've always worked really hard at keeping it clean and dent/scratch free so looking at it in it's current condition about drove me nuts.
  • Cars can be fixed, don't stress.  It could have been a very different outcome.  It'll all work out.  Congrats on the new house btw!
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  • True, it could have been a much worse outcome jmkes. We are excited about the house :)
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