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To Go our not to go

So my MOH called me today to ask me if I care to go to Miami for my bachelorette and not my whole BP go. Basically I have always wanted to go to miami for my bachelorette. One of my BMs is married and said told my MOH that if we went that she would not go because she feel that it is a single thing. Mind you all of my friends are pretty safe/square. We don't party hard or get drunk so I don't know if she thinks it will be the female version of hangover or what, but now I don't want to be selfish. Shoud I care? I have really been wanting to go to miami. Because she is the only BM that lives near me we do stuff together, like spa days. Am I over thinking this? Dependingon when my other to BMs come up we may all be able to get manis and pedis together before the wedding, will that be enough? TIA

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    I say go, its not like you are not including her on purpose. Just be polite and make sure she is invited and she can decline the invite and then there is nothing wrong with going with the other girls. As long as she was politely invited then its not like she was just not included. Go do your thing and have fun!

    My friends would go clubbing and I wasn't the club type, but on purpose to be nice my friends would still invite me every week so it wasn't like they were not including me on purpose. As long as you invite she won't feel like you guys are being mean.
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    I would go. She was invited and declined so thats on her. She knows you aren't the typical party girl so no sweat. Go and have fun.
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    I would go. As pp said give her another formal invitation and if she declines then its on her.  Maybe you could still do an outing with all BM's where you are maybe 2 days before the wedding or whenever so that everyone really can get to know each other.
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    I say go, if you've always wanted to go , go
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    It's your wedding, so it's about you and not her. She's married and doenst want to go, so that's understandable but if that's something that you've always wanted to do, then I say go for it
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    I understand how you feel 100%. 2 of my BMs wanted to take me to Vegas for my bachelorette party, but I told them to keep it local because I knew my best friend, sister, & cousin (all BMs) would not be able to afford it financially due to having children, in grad school/ no job, etc. In my case, I wanted everyone to participate. Plus, I've been to Vegas twice in the past 2 yrs.....nothing new for

    Since its just 1 person who is "choosing" not to go, I say go ahead to MIA. She's choosing not to go because of her own preference. As pp said, still invite her. And doing a girls day out is a great idea!
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