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Brunch reception?

Our reception will be at around 1 PM - would you guys consider this too late for brunch? I'm trying to figure out our menu and thought it would be fun to have mainly breakfast-type foods since it's a more casual wedding, but my FI's whole family is from Texas and apparently that's considered to be supper time, so having breakfast food might be weird to them.

Re: Brunch reception?

  • ellie63ellie63 member
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    I think it's a little late for brunch which I usually think of during the late morning hours. If your reception is casual you might consider BBQit seems to be pretty popular.
  • I think that's too late for brunch.  I think it would be ok to have 1 or 2 breakfast foods, but I would have mostly heavier, lunch foods.

  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    I think if you are heavier on the lunch side of brunch it would not be problem.   

     DH's  holiday brunches are from 10am until 3pm.   There are both breakfast and lunch items the whole time.   There is a trend that more of the breakfast stuff is eaten earlier in the day and more lunch stuff later in the day.    People still eat both.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Agree with pp's. I think you can have some Brunchy-type stuff, but make sure you have plenty of heavier dishes as well. Many go well with brunch, like ham and cheesy potatoes, baked beans,maybe some chicken of some sort? We always have ham and baked beans for brunch anyway.

    What were you thinking of for a menu? We can help you fill in any gaps we see if you'd like to post it! 
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  • Ooh! Have fried chicken and waffles! 
  • Around here Mother's Day brunches are popular. They are served from 10 am to 3 pm, and have breakfast and lunch/dinner type foods the entire time. I don't think people stop eating breakfast items at a certain time, they pick & choose what they want from everything that's offered. They generally have scrambled eggs, and omelette station, hash brown potatoes, fresh fruit, croissants, then they also serve some type of chicken and fish dish, and have carving stations for beef, turkey and ham.

    Breakfast foods that might work well are things like waffles with various toppings, maybe an omelette station where the guest can have the omelette made with whatever the caterer has available (ie veggies and cut up meats to add). Hash brown potatoes or broasted potato quarters both go well with lunch/dinner types of foods. I'd say if you do a 50-50 split instead of "mostly" breakfast foods as your post says, you'd be fine.
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