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October 2011 Weddings

Happy Weekend!

Ok girls, here's the standard post (that we seem to have neglected lately) to state what our plans are, Wedding Related (WRP and Non-Wedding Related (NWR) for this particular weekend.  Spill it, I know there's a lot of us out there now!

WR - Tomorrow I'm hoping to get to one of the larger antique stores to look at some more old books to use in my centerpieces and might actually email some more photographers to set up consultations.  I've been kind of at a standstill lately but need to get my butt moving!

NWR - My son has his last tball game today - ever.  Then he'll be off to machine pitch in the fall...gosh he's growing so fast!  I also need to try and find a cardigan of some type to wear over a dress I bought to wear to my brother's FI's bridal shower.  Anything else, hmm.... Nope, that's pretty much it besides the usual pool.  My son and I are working on his math/reading skills over the summer and he's doing great with that.

That's it.  The FI doesn't really have any days off at the moment and when he does, its because they're going to the firing range for the police academy so we haven't seen him in a good long while.  Quality time that is.  I see him when he gets home around 11pm but he's going to bed shortly after he grabs something to eat since he has work at 7am.  I want September here when he graduates. -fingers crossed-
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Re: Happy Weekend!

  • WR: Nothing. I should probably start emailing photographers and whatnot, but I just haven't fond anyone i LOVE. 

    NWR: Work today and tomorrow :( but what can ya do?!? Nothing really fun is planned. Probably grocery shopping, and a trip to Walmart tonight.
  • Ugh, I hate these posts because I've been so lazy on WR stuff lately :P  Makes me feel bad!  But we've been crazy-busy with our jobs and FI's still in the process of possibly changing.  I'm still hoping it happens because then we're going to do some serious budget changes...even to the wedding one :) which is a good thing.  But no, I haven't done shiit.  Need to get back to my DIY for sure!

    NWR: Work, work, work...I know it's a four-letter word but it pays the bills.
  • WR- bought the FI's ring yesterday =), got the ceremony booked yesterday =) so the ring/ceremony/photogropher/reception hall is all booked. we made a sample of the save the date we are going to make yesterday and we absolutely love it. I swear we made four of them things besfore choosing which one we wanted. but sometimes i wonder if just a magnet, other than a card, would be much easier and cheaper lol. thinking of brainstorming the invitation card out today and messing around with that. Also still need to find a catering service. Ugh seems like so much to do and 469 days doesnt sound like a lot of time (even though it is haha)

    NWR- I work tonight and tomorrow and so does the FI. Wishing the FI would graduate with his buisness degree already, wish it was september. and then once he finds a job i am so going support at the hospital and going to work at the simply scrapbooks store that i love with a passion. I'm hoping with the salery they say he will make i could be a stay at home mom. be so awesome but we will see what happens once that road comes. thats about it for now =/
  • WR - Going to hobby lobby to look for centerpiece ideas :)

    NWR - We're going hiking, hanging out by the pool, & BBQing :)
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  • WR:  Ummm.....maybe email a photographer we like and see if she is available for our wedding and if we could possibly meet with her in August when we're out visiting.

    NWR:  Rep grinding for the Argent Dawn in WoW; half way to Exalted, just need to get a little more done and I'll get that rep and the Argent Crusader achievement.  Also rep grinding for the Shattered Sun Offensive, neglected that one.  Probably do some more Midsummer Festival on my gnome mage.  Maybe skip over to one of my other servers and play on my Horde characters a little bit.

    Chatting with my parents on Sunday, and trying to figure out away to get a Nook, since they dropped in price.  (the Wi-Fi only version is $149, the 3G Wi-Fi one is $199)
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  • saorisenylsaorisenyl member
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    WR - Nada... I'm being lazy, except for popping on here to see ya'll :)

    NWR - Just put out dinner, spoke to the oldest who is visiting his Grandma in Mississippi, youngest finally made his first DK.. so we are all woo hoo ing him.  Getting ready to watch movies :) 

    Thats about all!
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