Gorgeous e-ring and wedding band set for sale

I posted this on CL a while back but haven't got much except from scam artists. So I figured, If anyone hasn't yet got engaged or knows someone who hasnt but they are looking.. we have a ring that the center stone is valued at over $13K we're  not looking on getting that much for it but we don't want to go much less than $7k.

I know its a bit expensive, but you'd be getting a great deal and I could use the money to help pay for the wedding. Make me an offer.

Below is the cl listing with pictures.  

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Re: Gorgeous e-ring and wedding band set for sale

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    Good luck selling the ring!  I have a couple suggestions if you're still having trouble getting it to sell.

    You might want to take some nice pictures of it by itself, without your hand.  They tend to be more flattering to the ring and you can get your camera to focus better on the ring itself.

    Also, you might be having trouble since you are asking for $7000 in cash.  That is a pretty big chunk of money to have in cash to pay up front.  Maybe you could try listing on something like eBay and using PayPal instead?  That way people can use a credit card without you having to directly deal with the credit card itself.

    Good luck and hope you find a buyer!


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    You could also try the estate collections at places like Smyth's or Radcliffe's.  I don't know if they give you $$ back or not, though. 
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    I know someone who sold an engagement ring on
    May be worth a try since you're more likely to reach your target audience?
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    Yeah, the problem selling on ebay is that you have to pay for the listing, and pay a pretty heft portion of the money you get for the item after the listing is done.  Also if you use paypal, it could be a scam.  Its hard times and sneaky people! lol
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  • seralee5804seralee5804 member
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    I sell stuff on ebay all the time, and never had to pay for a listing or pay money I made on an item... and setting up as a seller is free.

    Once the money is in your paypal acct then you ship the ring, then you know it's not a scam.

    Just my 3 cents.
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