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Hi dear- just wanted to let you know I just spoke with Thomas Whitam.  First off thank you so much for the recomendation.. we have not signed a contract yet but I'm pretty sure we have found our officiant! His ceremonies look amazing, I love his setup, and we are very excited to see what he can do for us!

Also I mentioned your name and told him you loved your ceremony and that you were the one that recomended him to me.  He said your ceremony was truly amazing and your performance was outstanding!  He wanted me to let you know it was a true honor to be a part of your day! 

Thanks again hun!

Re: alphabride

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    You are so welcome Sparkle. His weddings are amazing, he really cares about your photographs and video and creating a great visual effect. He will coach you extensively and you really will not have to put a lot of thought into planning your ceremony. You will need to pick music, readers, and write your vows if you choose to do so.  (We didn't, we said traditional vows) See his "Order of Events" and order your ceremony this way and everything will go perfectly for you.

    I had so much to worry about with the wedding it was nice not to have to stress about the acutal ceremony. He said wonderful things, was amusing,made everyone laugh and handled our little missing ring thing with humor and grace.

    Our rings weren't given to the MOH and BM after the photog took pics of them.
    She gave them to the wedding planner. The wedding planner had so much going on she did not give them to the MOG and BM. It was ok, I didn't get mad at all.
    Things are very hectic on the wedding day for the planner.

    When the officient askedfor the rings during the ceremony, no one moved or came forward with the rings.

    I looked to my left and asked my sister, "do you have the rings?" She shook her head no. I turned to my right to our sons and asked "do you have the rings?"
    They shook their heads no. I looked at the officient and shrugged, but saw the photog running to the planner up the isle, so they were scrambling to get them.

    Well, the wedding planner came running up the isle with the rings. I knew they were there because 5 minutes before I walked the photog was taking pics of them with my flowers.

    It was cute and funny and gives us a good funny memory of the ceremony.

    Tom said it was an old Indian Proverb that if the rings go missing during the ceremony that means a long and happy marriage for the couple. It was classic!

    I will post video when I get some.... Best of Luck to you!
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    BTW, Did you see your venue on his website? What a gorgeous venue you will marry at, that will be one amazing wedding!

    OMG.... Ijust checked out your BIO, gorgeous theme and my dress was also an Allure Lace Gown.
    Here's a couple of good pics:

  • Sparkle1985Sparkle1985 member
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    That sounds so cute!  And it also sounds like everything I've ever wanted.  I was stressing over this decision and you just made it so simple for me.  Thank you so so so so much!  I would love to see video when you get it :)
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    OK, Now I see you are using KIO for your flowers. SHE IS SO AMAZING!

    Check her blog for all of my wedding flowers. I loved my bouquet.

    Here's my FAVORITE ELEMENT OF OUR WEDDING my bouquet, I absolutely loved it.


  • smomallsmomall member
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    Alphabride and Sparkle1985: I was reading your recs about Thomas Whitam and I called to find out if he was available for my November wedding and he is!! I'm so glad I caught the threads about him. I had previously booked a different Officiant, but was concerned about the lack of communication. It was stressing me out especially since my wedding is in less than 2 months. Thomas W. called me the same day I emailed him and I am setting up a meeting with him for next week. I loved his website and all the information...it has definitely made the Officiant part of the wedding planning a lot less stressful!! THANK YOU!!!

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  • Sparkle1985Sparkle1985 member
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    alpha- yes I am using KIO and I love her... she is going to do stunning work for my wedding day! I cannot wait!  I wanted somewhat non traditional centerpieces since we are going for a vintage vibe with the black, ivory, and light pink colors.  She is putting tall pillar black candlesticks on the tables and we are lighting every aspect of the room with votives.  Its going to be uber romantic and I just cant wait!  She also came up with some great flower options for me and understood my vision within a minute. 

    smomall- the credit goes to alpha since she is the one that gave me the rec but let me know how you like him.  My wedding isn't until August next year so I would love to hear about your experience!
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    Hey I'm glad you are going to get him! He is very responsive and you really don't have to worry about "planning" your ceremony. It is all on the website under
    "Putting it all Together" ...
    Please let him know you found him because of my positive posts. I don't get anything at all for the referral, but the guests and my family are still raving about our ceremony. Be sure to let us know how it goes!!!

    SPARKLE, you will have everything you want and more with Kristen at the helm.
    I was blown away when I saw the room and I am sure you will be as well.
    She loves what she does and it shows in her work.

    f you need a wedding planner call Karolina Warren, Weddings by Karolina.
    She also totally rocked and is very reasonable in price for DOC.

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