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September 2010 Weddings

If guests asked where you were registered...

...then didn't get you a gift, are you to assume they didn't get one?  Or would you check w/ them to make sure it wasn't shipped properly, misdelivered, etc?  MIL thinks we should check, but I think it's rude.

ETA: I had THREE friends I coach with all ask where we were registered, then got nothing from them.  I thought they might be going in on a group gift and hadn't gotten around to it yet.  Not sure how to handle...


Re: If guests asked where you were registered...

  • Guh. Such a sticky situation. I might give it a little more time... maybe, like you said, they keep putting it off. Then again, maybe they had every intention and just forgot. I would probably be too scared to ask. I have the same situation with a close relative and my boss...just going to wait and see what happens. GL!
  • I would just wait but then again I'd be too shy/embarassed to actually ever ask a guest if they bought a gift. They have up to a year to send a gift so I'd just wait and see what they do first. Maybe they're waiting for a little more moola or something...

  • I wouldn't ask.  They likely forgot or decided not to get you a gift, but either way I would feel rude bringing it up.  It's possible they got you something not on your registry (I'm assuming there's nothing that shows up as purchased that you never received) but eventually one of them will give it to you.
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  • I wouldn't bother asking at all.  If you told them they know so now the balls in their court.  We had a few folks buy from registry then we received an email saying it was on backorder so...that could be the case but you would think you would get an email or notice of some sort so who knows.
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  • I think people ask that question in a panic because they don't have a gift for you at that second. Or they're thinking of getting you a gift in the future. Which they may or may not do.

    Regardless...I am physically unable to inquire with someone as to them getting me a gift or not. Does.not.compute.
  • I agree with PP - don't ask.  Honestly, I wondered that about a few of my guests, until I was "gently" reminded that you're not supposed to expect gifts for your wedding (Seriously???  Guess so!) - showers are for people to give the happy couple gifts.

    Personally I don't think I could be so ballsy to ask.  Hate confrontation (unless it's a DJ that didn't listen when you gave him SPECIFIC instructions!!!!).  If you get something, awesome, but at this point, figure there is no gift unless THEY bring up whether you got it or not (typically if they didn't get a thank you, they should speak up).
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  • I agree...we have the same situation with a few ppl and I think they just decided not to buy one for whatever reason.  I'm not going to ask...
    I haven't checked my registry in a while...guess I should!  (Didn't even think about it! LOL) 
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