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Ok ladies, I've got a question for you. We have decided to use a monogram of our first initials as our theme. I can't find a good answer anyways, so I come to you for help with my question. Does my initial come first or does my FH's?

Re: Monogram Question

  • I've always read the bride's name & initial is first
  • I don't know
  • This is completely your call. Traditionally since the wedding is seen as the brides day the brides inital comes first. So for John & Sarah Parker the monogram would be SPJ but if you would prefer his to come first, thats completely ok. I liked ours better with my FI's first and my last.
  • Remember, your last name isn't supposed to be part of a monogram until you're married.

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    If we did my first initial first the monogram would read MA (If we did it in order it would become MAP). See what looks and "sound" best.
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  • Thanks ladies this was exactly what I wanted to hear!

    I like the look of L & J (my initial then his) better than the reverse. We're using L & J on invites and things before the reception and then at the reception things will be LBJ. I've already created that monogram too...oooh I love planning :D
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