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Hi there,
I got married in July.  Since then I have been trying to make my home on thenest and frankly compared to the excitement on theknot there is on comparison!  I miss the Christian Knotties! 
Anyway, I had a rather traditional Christan wedding, in a nice chapel, out door reception with lots of DIY stuff, on a budget of $6000.  I was just wondering if anyone had any questions from wedding to honeymoon that they might want to ask?  I know lots of people do this, but I miss talking to Christians on the other boards and wanted to come back (kinda feels like home cause I planned my wedding for almost 1.5 years).  I am by no means an expert, but I would love to answer wedding questions if you have them, based on my experience. 
I hope you all have beautiful days, and they meet all of your dreams! 

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    Where did you and DH honeymoon? How long? What are you loving about married life? What is not so great about married life? Share your favorite wedding memory!
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    Hi there!  Wow, lots of questions! 
    Where did you and DH honeymoon?
     We actually didn't have very long for our honeymoon.  i had to be to work on Thursday after the wedding, as i had taken all of my time off on a pre-wedding trip, and for the wedding itself.  That being said, I always wanted a wedding on the beach.  Realizing it was not very feezable with the grandparents that were being invited to ask them to walk on the beach, we compromised and had our wedding in Portland at a beautiful chapel at my husband's college.  Then we drove about two hours to the Oregon Coast.  We spent three nights there, and boy was it memerable!  the first two nights we stayed at a cute little hotel that I had stayed in before.  Their draw is vintage furniture, and small suits for less than $80/night.  Our bed was a bit ricketty...especially for newlyweds, but it was their nicest room in the hotel, so we took it.  Our second night there, I was actually laying on the bed with a migraine, and it collapsed on me!  They then gave us another room with an equally ricketty bed, and we wound up sleeping with the matress on the floor just so we could sleep togheter.  The last night of our honeymoon, we decided to splurge and got a beach/cliff front cabin with a jaccuzzi tub.  That was amazing!  We could watch the sunset from every room in the cabin!  It was so amazing we were taking pictures from inside the picture window!  and was totally worth it! 

    What are you loving about married life?
    I love coming home to somebody.  I love not being alone, and I love having a partner in life.  I work nights so I come home in the morning, crawl in bed, and he wraps his arms around me, and I feel safer than I ever.  I know I have someone there for me through thick and thin, no matter what God puts in our path, not only can we do it, but we will always have support.

    What is not so great about married life?
    I think there are two things that are difficult for us.  the first one is we are not the best all fairness, we knew we were not great going in and chose to get married anyway.  It is however very frustrating and tiring when atleast once a day we hear eachother wrong, and have to spend an hour explaining ourselves.  
    The other is money.  He is very much in a roommate mentallity, as he had a roommate before we were married.  Last month he was determined to save his half of the rent, even though we needed things like food.  I had to explain to him, that I get paid the first of the month (only once a month) and my paycheck can cover rent and bills.  We need the money that he brings in (getting paid every week) to put gas in our cars and buy food.  I knew he got paid the other day, and I went into his account and transfered all but $35 into our joint account so we could go grocery shopping and eat this week.  He is so used to eatting out, and having all that money that it is really hard for him to wrap his mind around it being our money and not his.  And yes, I do have permission to go into his accounts, I just had not asked him first this time.   We do intend on eventually joining our accounts and just working out of one instead of three, I have just been waiting for my official name change, and I have to get some official stuff like direct deposit and things like that changed over first. 
    Share your favorite wedding memory!
    At our wedding, we had our pastor marry us.  However, we also asked my childhood pastor to perform communion and explaine the unity candle.  It has been important to me my entire life that he be a part of my wedding. My favorite part of the day was being able to introduce my husband to my children's pastor.  The pastor was the closest thing I had to a father as a kid, so introducing two of the most influential men in my life to eachother was really special for me. 
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    Wow. That's so nice! Thanks for sharing.
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    Wow. That's so nice! Thanks for sharing.
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