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April 2010 Weddings

bridezilla review of cake baker

so I realized that I've made comments about how ticked off i was at the retard baker for totally screwing up my wedding cake and how upset I was. But a comment on my facebook made me realize I never posted my letter I wrote to the horrible woman - I hope she felt like total crap! (Yes, I was going for the 100% belittling in the letter to communicate just how upset I was at seeing this huge SPLAT on my otherwise nearly perfect wedding day).


Ms Hope,

I am writing a review of the cake that you made for my wedding last Wednesday.

Here is the original request and your original response. I have also, once again attached a picture of the cake I WANTED. Perhaps you could take the time to actually LOOK at the picture this time.

“The cake would be a one tier 6-8" round. (It only has to serve 2-5 people). Vanilla sponge cake with white buttercream frosting. The cake has chocolate covered strawberries on tops and four or five spots around the bottom of the cake. The monogram on it would be "CS".

Yes I have delivered cakes to Comlongon Castle and I have recently been added to trip advisor for the last cake I did there. I can make your WEDDING CAKE,6" or 8" round including delivery for approximately £____ -£____”

 In short, the cake was in no way to the standards or specifications I ordered or expected. I was VERY disappointed – and that is putting it mildly.  I am still very upset at it. The only thing that was right on the entire cake was the ribbon that I bought for it. When I think of my wedding day the only part of the day that I really remember being disappointed in was YOUR cake. I very much regret not going through a different baker. I will try to describe SOME of the issues with the cake that I had:

1.       Originally the cake was quoted at £___ -£___

. I sent over a money order for £___ just to cover any extra small cost. T hen you made such a big deal over £3 for a box – but in reality there should have been more than enough extra in the £2 -£5 buffer I sent originally to cover the cake box.

2.       The cake box you left had NO top – you only sent half the box. What is up with that? Thankfully the venue was able to find a top for the box.

3.       The taste of the cake. It wa s awful. The staff didn’t even want to eat it when offered. My husband tasted one bite then pushed the plate away. I spit my bite out into a napkin. It tasted like it was baked a week ago and left out to dry on the counter. I’ve personally tasted cornbread that was moister and that tasted sweeter than the dry cardboard you called vanilla sponge. Just how old was the cake because for certain it was not fresh?!

4.       The strawberries on the bottom were not in groups – the symmetry that I was seeking  and that was clearly shown on the photograph was not there. You put two individual strawberries on the bottom edge – much different that the “four or five spots around the bottom of the cake” I specifically requested that the strawberry bundles be in my specification email.

5.       The monogram – this is the part that REALLY UPSET ME. I cannot begin to describe how bad this looked.  Where on earth did you get the BAD IDEA to put  the monogram in that tacky bright red gel in a thin line? That was horrible.  The picture CLEARLY showed the monogram in the white-on-white color texture in the same width as the berries. What possessed you to change that? Not only did you put it in a nasty looking red color but you put it in a bright red color next to the wine ribbon that made the colors clash even more! And that nasty red couldn’t even be scraped off because of the horrible color bleeding onto the white cake. 

6.       You couldn’t even get the simple berry groups right, although this is the closest thing you got to right on the entire cake. The berries in the picture were clearly in groups of three – again for symmetry. You put them in twos – this made it look more like polka dots than berries.

7.       More on the strawberries – I’m still looking at the picture I’ve sent you and cannot for the life of me see any white powder on the strawberries (po wdered sugar) like you put on it.  The strawberries in the pictures go all the way to the rim of the cake – not just the center like yours. And please note that there WAS a rim on the cake in the picture – in the same texture as the berries – to give a defined ‘square’ edge. Yours looked like a fondant cake that had no edge at all – it was curved on top of that. YUCK!  The strawberries were not the large berries in the photograph (which intentionally made the strawberries the focal point of the cake  rather than the cake) – you put tiny ones on it and changed the entire look of the cake.

8.       Was the frosting even buttercream like I ask? I’ve tasted fondant that has felt softer than the brick frosting on the cake. Every buttercream frosting I’ve ever tasted has had a softer texture and a sweet ‘frosting’ taste. This tasted like glue and I literally could (and did) tap on the frosting and here an echo it was so hard.

I GAVE YOU AN EXACT PHOTOGR APH OF THE CAKE – HOW HARD COULD IT BE? I have actually made this cake at home without difficulty and I am, by far, not a professional cake decorator.


This is what the cake was SUPPOSED to look like:

This is what it did look like - the photographer TRIED to blend the colors a bit so the pic looks better than what it really did in person.

ETA: I did send a correction because on THIS half the cake the berries ARE in groups of three - the OTHER side the cake the berries are in twos - yes, both sides of the cake were different!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: bridezilla review of cake baker

  • Wow, that second picture is clearly just a half-ass version of the first, like she thought "well, let's see what I can put together an a half hour." The CS is a joke, it looks like a child wrote it on, and the strawberries are pathetic. The powder makes them look gross.

    I'm sorry you got stuck with a crappy cake, but I'm glad you wrote that letter. I am all about writing those kinds of letters when people truly suck. Hopefully you'll get some of your money back.
  • Wow, the pictures really say 1000 words!  My favorite part is the letters, clearly she took no care here.  Sorry that was so awful!  I'm glad the rest of your day was perfect though!
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
    Post-Wedding Life Blog!
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  • Sweet Jesus. I cannot believe how far the two are...Why did she skimp on the strawberries? Yes, powder makes them look weird. I hope you get all of your money back!
  • Um how about I asked for an ivory cake and got an orange one?  AND it wasn't on the cake stand we bought and she promised to use?  Not even close...
  • So sorry that happened to you! I totally understand how you feel. I hope that you were not made to pay for something that was so clearly not what you ordered. I am happy that the rest of your day was beautiful as planned!
    April 24, 2010
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