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DIY Invitations Blow

But they are done with finally and in the mail. I will put a picture in my bio tomorrow probably.

That's all, have a good weekend everyone!

Re: DIY Invitations Blow

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    I know the feeling!

    Congrats on gettting them done!!

    Happy Mailbox Stalking!!!
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    Congrats!!  I bet that's a big burden off of your shoulders. :)

    I'm going to make my DIY STDs and invites for both Vegas AND the hometown party, so I'm not looking forward to it.....but I am looking forward to saving that money, lol.
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    LOL...I totally agree. My original plans included making pocket folds and all glad we simplified. In the end we really just needed to cut some ribbon, use a hot glue gun, and address the envelopes. But it still took FOREVER. Feels good to be done though, right? Our guests are just starting to get them in the mail, and it's been so much fun hearing from them. :)
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    Yeah - if I could do it over again, I probably would have just gotten invites from Vistaprint or something - the DIY were a huge pain in the arse, and I'm just not a DIY type of person.  :)

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    Thanks ladies! and yes a huge relief to have them done and out. I am kind of bummed though about them, as I used a belly band to hold the RSVP card and info card, and I used removable adhesive, as I needed to be able to move the one piece of cardstock around in order to make sure it's center (you'd know what I'm talking about if you saw them), but for the belly band I wish I would have used permanent or both, but I figured the removable kind still would make it stick well as it's "adhesive". So basically now if people take the RSVP card out of the slot and decide to put it back in it may move, aka make them look stupid:( Sucks cause so much time went into them. Hopefully people just put the RSVP card in the envelope and not that band!

    Oh well, what do you do, it is what it is now! Note to other bride's though on the removable crap.

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    Congrats on getting them in the mail!!  One step closer :)

    I saw a co-worker of mine walking through the hall the other day with about 250 large, silver envelopes in the top of a box.  I'm quite glad I only have to make a handful comparatively :)
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    I was gonna do DIY but I changed my  mind and ordered from a stationary place.
    Fuuck your feelings
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    I'm planning on doing DIY myself, but the books I've read (relatively old books, when you consider the technological advances as of late), say that the only DIY option is to print invites at home. We don't have a color printer, and my design has about four colors in it. Are there other options besides Vistaprint? For example, does Costco's business center do invitations?

    While we're at it, the books also say that you shouldn't print address labels but instead print directly on the envelope or type them. Are sticky labels a faux pas?
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