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2nd Wedding- ring color question

My first ring was a plain yellow gold solitaire. Very pretty, classic...
I think I found the ring I want this time around. Sparkly with eternity band and matching wedding band. I have been looking at it in white gold and can't really picture it in yellow gold. I don't think it would sparkle as much. I wear 3 other gold rings and a bracelet with gold. I never swap out my jewelry and wear the same things every day.
My question is, out with the old, in with the new? Should I go white gold? Will it look stupid with gold rings on my right hand?
What do you think?

Re: 2nd Wedding- ring color question

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    If all your jewelry is yellow gold, I would recommend going with yellow gold.  Don't worry about the fact that your first wedding band was yellow gold, this one sounds completely different.
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  • I agree.  If you usually wear all yellow gold jewelry, I would get the ring in yellow gold.
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  • Agree with PP...I'd stick with what you usually wear.
  • I would go for a change, I'd go for white-gold
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    Sounds like you really like yellow gold, so I would stick with that.
  • I have never been a fan of yellow gold.  I would get something totally different for your 2nd ring!!

    unless you Really love Yellow Gold, then get what you want

    (or let him decide!)
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  • I like yellow gold for everything but engagement rings and wedding bands. I have no idea why. I have lots of gold jewelry, but I just don't like gold wedding sets. I don't think having a white gold wedding set and wearing other yellow gold jewelry would look silly though. I think it would be perfectly fine.
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