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Do I put the date of the engagement party or the date of the wedding??

Please help!!

Re: engagement party favors

  • ManwaithielManwaithiel member
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    My own take on favors is that anything with dates of the events on them kind of end up dusty and either meet File 13 or a garage sale.

    I guess you'd put the e party date. You could ask the bride and groom what date they think would be good on it.
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  • mgietler76mgietler76 member
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    I've never heard of favors for the E-party, but I agree with the personalization part. I don't keep things around that have other people's special dates.

    I would say the E-party date though if you do it anyways.
  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    d say don't worry about it.  Favors are completely unneccessary for an e-party.

    ETA:  If you do decide to do favors anyway, even though they're unneccessary, I wouldn't put a wedding date on them.  Wedding dates have been known to change.  Many on these boards absolutely had their wedding date cast in stone....until it had to be changed.
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    I'd say skip the favors. I"m never seen favors at an engagement party. If you do keep the favors I'd probably use names instead of the dates.
  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    We didn't do favors exactly.

    FOB hosted the engagment party at his club and ordered a couple hundred beer cups, green (for Irish) and the B&G's name on them.  They were a hit.

    As a matter of fact, I was trying to scoop some liquid out of their sink at Christmas and the first thing I put my hands on was one of those cups :)

    Cute, by not necessary at all.
  • bekahjane89bekahjane89 member
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    I had ring pops at my e party as favors. We're all young enough that "childish" things like that are still cute. I just set them on a tray with a tag attached to them with some cute little poem or rhyme and our names on the back of the tag. It's a little memento that says "thanks for coming" to your guests (even though it isn't 'necessary' still a nice gesture) but doesn't break the bank (and won't get trashed). Most of our guests were eating theirs before they left.
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  • BRwedding2011BRwedding2011 member
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    Ring pops are a cute idea, my mom had thought about doing those too!

    For our party, my dad enjoys making flavored popcorn so he's going to pop some and place in bags with a sticker label that says "He popped the question...and she said yes"...simple, inexpensive but a nice thanks for coming, here's a snack for the drive home favor :)
  • BRwedding2011BRwedding2011 member
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    Oh and to answer the original question, I'm not putting a date, just the saying replacing he/she with our names...our date isn't set in stone and since they are at the party on that date it doesn't make sense to put the date of the party!
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