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Wedding Party

Unforseen WP expenses for the bride and groom.

I feel I see a lot of posts where people are suddenly shocked by the fact that they need to invite their entire WP and SOs to the rehearsal dinner and pay for them. Or that they need to rent a limo bus or 2 limos because they have 27 people in the wedding party and they didn't think of this before they ask their friends.

I also remember a post once (I think it was here) where a girl said, "I'm having 10 BMs but they are buying their own shoes and dresses, so it won't cost me anything!" Yeah right.

I'm not trying to disparage large WPs (though they are really NMS), but what are some expenses people might not realize are the responsibility of the B&G when they ask their WP members?

I have:

- invite all WP members and SOs to wedding-related events, including rehearsal dinner
- Gifts for all WP members
- hair, makeup, nails and jewelry for all BMs if you require it
- transportation for all WP members (doesn't have to be rented, just coordinated)
- accomodations for OOT members (doesn't need to be hotel rooms, but I've heard it is proper etiquette to provide some kind of room for OOT WP members)

Yeah, I think if you are worried about budget, having a small WP is actually a really good idea!
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Re: Unforseen WP expenses for the bride and groom.

  • I think that's pretty much it, besides the cost of flowers which adds up quickly.  We kept the WP small so that we could pour money into food and drink instead of things like flowers.
  • Yup, I was going to add bouquets/bouts. Other than that, I think you've got it.
  • I had seven BMs, DH had 6 GMs.  It was larger than we originally wanted but you can bet your booty that the first thing we did was sit down and figure out if we could afford such a large WP.

    I'm always shocked that it comes as a surprise to people.  I guess that is just because it wasn't a surprise to me, but maybe that is my common sense talking.
  • Sometimes large wedding parties come with large families. We have 4 friends in our wedding party, 10 siblings, 4 nieces/nephews, and 1 cousin (including the 4 children and 4 ushers).

    Another added expense would be flower girl basket/ring bearer pillow if you have children in the WP.
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  • I don't really have anything to contribute, but I can honestly say I loved only having 3 on each side. I really couldn't imagine having to pay for (and stress over!) any more people than I had to.

    But then again, I also only had "family", so I knew I could, like, say to my one sister "you're really being a pain in the @$$" about the dress thing and not have it change stuff ... I couldn't say that to a friend and have it not end in a fight, lol.

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  • I think you covered it (I was going to add flowers, as well).

    But yes, it's definately simpler and less costly to have a smaller WP - that's for sure.  Less people to coordinate things with and less people to buy things for.

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  • We're having 4 on each side plus the flower girl and ring bearer. We're using a ring pillow from the wedding the evening before ours. I couldn't imagine having a HUGE wedding party. In the case of the wedding party....less really is more.
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