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May 2010 Weddings

May Day Wedding

Anybody incorporating any cool May Day ideas into their wedding? Mine's May 1st and I was hoping to find a way to bring that in...

Re: May Day Wedding

  • Have a lot of flowers? I'm not really sure what the point of May Day is , but I'm pretty sure it's has to do with flowers...
  • No we're just doing a normal wedding.

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  • Um... a maypole, like as a cake topper or decoration next to the guest book? We're not planning on doing anything special. I kind of don't want to call attention to it, lest we have to put up with a lot of "Yeah, that's what Matt'll be saying-- 'Mayday! Mayday!'" jokes... It's also Kentucky Derby day. We're ignoring that, too. :)
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  • We are not doing anything special as of right now, but we could always change our minds later.
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  • We are not doing anything around it either.

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  • Hmmm well the original point of mayday is for alot of people to go around and have sex lol it was a fertility rite back in the day. Pagans celebrate it to this day they call it Beltaine. There is another knottie that says over her siggy beltaine will become our anniversary in... I think its aysletherine or something like that. She might have some good ideas. If I were doing an outdoor wedding I would have some better ideas but I don't. Have you tried googling beltaine or may day weddings and see what comes up?
  • omg this just gave me a flashback of maypole dancing in elementry school at 'community day'....
  • Yep, that's me. We are incorporating May Day things into the wedding/reception. We are having a May Pole on one of the tables (gift or seating card) and will have flowers in baskets. We're including a handfasting, but that's not really anything to do with  May Day. I'm not sure what else we're doing specifically. Our wedding is just pagan in general.
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