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Where to stay in Maui?

My fiance and I are planning our September honeymoon in Maui and have no idea where to stay!  It is a bit overwhelming to search online without even knowing which area to concentrate on.  If anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate it!

Thanks :)

Re: Where to stay in Maui?

  • I'm going through the same thing right now . . . if you look a couple pages back I asked something similar. The post was titled MAUI HOTELS -- OVERWHELMED!
    Or something equally as dramatic. ;)
  • wizardpub.com

    This is from the authors of Maui Revealed, an awesome guide book. It has reviews and honest information about all of the hotels and condos.
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  • First things first.  Decide on a budget for your hotel and whether you want to stay in South Maui or West Maui.  We'll go from there. :)
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  • well it depends. how is your budget? i am from maui so i could help with some suggestions. it would just depend on how much you are willing to spend
    Mrs. Meeks
  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua and it was heaven.  Very private and secluded.

    The Kaanapali area has the Westin/Sheraton/Hyatt with a big beach and is a very popular and fun area, but we saw lots of families and kids.

    There is also the Wailea area which was the one area we didn't visit that is supposed to be very beautiful and has a white sand beach.  This has the Grand Wailea, Four Seasons, and Marriott.

    There are also lots of smaller areas also with hotels that are not chains and condos.  So lots of options.  But anywhere is beautiful, just decide on your budget and whether you want a chain hotel, condo, etc.
  • yea, kaanapali or wailea is usually where people go. grand wailea is really really expensive though. the sheraton or hyatt would probably be a good idea.
    Mrs. Meeks
  • We stayed at the Hyatt in Maui last year and I highly recommened it! We loved being in the Kanaapali beach area. One of my favorite things to do each evening was to walk the path along the beach at sunset. There are many resorts over there, but we didn't mind. If you wanted something more secluded though, I would look elsewhere.
  • irshis20irshis20 member
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    We're staying at a recently renovated Outrigger hotel/condo in Lahaina. It has awesome reviews on Trip Advisor, and we got an amazing deal on it (plus basically a free car rental) through Costco Travel. We're going for nearly two weeks and decided that was more important to us than staying in the pricier chains, therefore cutting our trip shorter.
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