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Hello! Introduction.

Hi! I have been engaged since June 29th 2009. I have been on the Wedding 911 app but just saw this wedding month board and got excited to talk to others who have the same long wait as me!! I can't wait to be married!!!! What have you all done so far? We are hoping to decide on a location and book it this winter, then hopefully I can really get to planning.

Re: Hello! Introduction.

  • I haven't done anything yet. But I'm hoping to go look at some locations soon.
  • Hello! My FI and I havent dont much. We have thought about ideas, but will start looking and booking come the new year. Good Luck, and cant wait to share ideas and see your wedding come together. Congrats.
  • Hi. Congrats on your recent engagement

    I've been engage for a over a year now and haven't done anything. We have general idea of what type of wedding we want. Our date isn't set in stone yet either. I probably won't start planning till a year out. Our minds/ideas change everyday and I don't want to be stuck in contract for certain things I may not like/want a year from now.
  • Welcome!

    I'm on the Wedding 911 app, as well! Who are you on there? (If you don't mind me asking...) I have the same name.

    We don't have anything planned, yet. We're waiting until I graduate from school to really start the nitty gritty stuff, but we have a color scheme! Black and hot pink. XD
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  • Congrats on your engagement :D I've been engaged since March 2010. I originally planned to get married October 2011, which is why I have the church, venue, and photographer booked.  Once I changed to June 2012, I noticed the long engagement and loved it. I think it gives us time to enjoy our engagement and stress less throughout the wedding planning. Looking forward to sharing ideas!!!
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  • drawnhearts- I am dancinbride on the app.
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