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Is anyone having 2 ring bearers? FI's nephew will be 6 at our wedding and it's been decided he'll be the ring bearer since its his nephew. However, I want to incorporate my cousin into the wedding also. He will be 4 when we get married. I thought about sending the ring bearer and flower girl down the aisle then have the 4 year old carry a sign that says "here comes the bride." My mom liked the idea but I need more opinions. So what do you ladies think? Or if anyone else has any other kind of ideas for the 4 year old?
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Re: Ring Bearers

  • I love that idea...
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  • I think that's super cute! We're not having a ring barer per say but we are currently planning on FI's son who will be 7 carry a sign that says "daddy, here comes my his nickname for me"
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  • I think its a super cute idea. I am doing that with my neice so I can incorporate her since my FG is my daughter and my RB is my nephew. My two neices will carry a sign that says "here comes the bride".
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  • That is exactly what we are doing. We are having two flower girls and two ring bearers. One ring bearer will actually carry the rings and the other one will carry a "here comes the bride" sign.
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  • I love that idea.
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  • We have 3 :) FI nephews and then 1 flower girl. The books will carry a sign that says "Uncle Mike here comes your girl" I saw it on pintrest and my dad is making the sign. My flower girl will not be throwing flowers she will be carrying a bouquet
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  • I like that idea too, guess the only thing for me would be how big the sign would be- making sure it's not too heavy for the 4 year old to carry.
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  • I am having my then 4 year old nephew hold a pillow and walk with his sister (3) flower girl.  I am going to have my older niece and nephew (will be 7 and 9) be jr BM and GM. 
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  • I think that's adorable.  We aren't having a ring bearer at all, but I love your idea to incorporate both boys.
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    I like your idea - I think it'll be very cute!

    I'm actually having 3... my sister has 3 kids - a daughter who will be 9 (still debating on her designation - probably Jr. BM), and twins (boy and girl) who will be 7... His sister also has twins (2 boys) who will be 4... I'm going to have the two youngest with the sign and then my sister's kids will walk down together as traditional ring bearer and flower girl...

    I think... haha... still all subject to change. :)

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  • I thought about having two ring bearers only because I will be having two flower girls and it would be cute for them to walk back up the aisle after the ceremony together. I think your idea is really cute. Thats a great job for him.!
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  • I really like that idea.

    I really want to use my nephew as a ring bearer but I think he will be way to young so I am not sure. My FI's friend's son is adorable and I love him to death but his friend is going through a divorce so I don't know if I want that sticky situation.
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    I really have been considering 2 RB and 1 FG. My niece, also my goddaughter, will be 4.5, and our FG.  I have a godson, who will be a month shy of 4, and I really would love to incorporate him as RB.  My nephew will only be 1.5, but I would really like him to be included.  I really think the sign idea is cute, I'm going to have to look for pictures of that!
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