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October 2011 Weddings

BM Dresses

We looked at BM dresses today and I think I've had a major color shift. I was initally going to put the girls in a deep purple but now I am loving the dresses I picked in chocolate brown. Plus I have a brunette and a blonde and brown is flattering to both. The dresses look much more expensive in brown if that makes any sense. We can always dress them up with purple hair accessories and purple flowers.

Has anyone else looked at dresses  and changed plans? I'm now worried I'll do this over even more checks!!

PS added photos of the ones I liked to my Bio. Please excuse the mess while I finish setting up the subpages :-)
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Re: BM Dresses

  • Yes, chocolate brown looks very rich.  But I'm biased about dark purple...ha!  I say go for whatever you love.
  • I've been changing my color ideas between purple and brown as well. My worry about brown dresses is what kind of tux's to get. Black? Brown? That's my problem right now.. granted it is over 400 days away.. 
  • just checked out your bio and i really love that chocolate color too!! 

    *looking at everyone else's ideas makes me want to change mine too!!.... ughhh.
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  • Im planning on doing the girls in brown dresses and the guys in brown tux..that way my colors of burgundy and burnt orange really pop out. Ive seen pictures of girls in brown dresses and guys in black tux with brown vests and it looks fine. I just found a brown tux that I love by calvin Klein  that we are going to be using. I havnt gottent to the point of going to the store and picking out a the dresses yet..mainly bc all my BM are all in a different state..but..I know ive changed my mind a few times..mostly because I cant find the dresses that I want.
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  • After looking at the three dress options you have up on your bio, my honest opinion is with the first dress, it HAS to be brown, I just don't think it looks so great in purple.  But it's the opposite for the second one, looks better in puprle.  I didn't like the third one, but that's me.

    I also like the first dress over the second dress; I just think it's more classy and looks like a "I can wear this again" dress.
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  • I love love that brown dress.. 
  • I really like the first dress. Especially in brown. It looks like it would work for all body shapes too.

    Second one I am not so crazy about but that is just me.

    Third I love the way it looks. So fancy! Although not everyone could pull it off.
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  • Well think of it this way, you're not really changing your wedding colors persay, just changing a choice on what you wanted the dress to be in a certain color.  I don't think that's being unstable at all.  If you like the brown dress, go for the brown. =)
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  • I'm going to be dark brown dresses with black tuxes. Everything I've read says you can do this, as long as you somehow tie the two in together. For example, we're going to use a sash on the dresses that is the same color as the vests. I think I'm going to use champagne for the sash/vest, but haven't completely decided. I have seen pictures with the brown dresses and black tuxes, and it looks very nice.

    The one thing I've changed my mind on with the dresses is the length. At first I was totally against full-length dresses, and since the wedding is 10/1, it should still be warm enough for tea-length. However, after my MOH tried on some full length, I think I'm having a change of heart.
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  • Thanks for the opinions ladies! I really like the 1st dress the best too. Now I'm torn now thinking about tuxes lol FI mentioned wanting to wear gray instead of black so I need to think on this lol
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  • My colors are purple and green and originally I wanted purple dresses, but now I'm leaning towards green with purple accents (similar to the purple accents you were thinking)
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