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MAYDAY!!!! Creative girls, need some help!

So, our tables are all named after famous horses.  For the place cards, I have to have them anchored, as our wedding is on a pier, and they will blow away otherwise.  So, I recruited an etsy seller to make me little beaded horseshoes to tie the escorts cards to with a ribbon and kinda pull our "horse" theme together... Wellll - the seller has just flaked out on me.  She's become completely unresponsive, and it's really looking like she's not going to come through - I was supposed to have them at the end of Feb and she hasn't replied to my last 2 e-mails (over the course of about 2 weeks).  WTF??!!!  So, now I'm at square one!  And what really sucks is that the cards were made smaller than usual b/c of the fact that we were tying them to the horseshoes.  UGH ... I have no idea what to do???  Any ideas on a last minute escort card anchor??  Any advice is appreciated... :)
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Re: MAYDAY!!!! Creative girls, need some help!

  • That stinks that she bailed on you like that! 
    I am not exactly creative - so usually my solution is to buy something :)  I am not sure how much you want to spend, but something like this could maybe work, you would probably just need to remove the bow that it comes with:


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  • jtolyjtoly member
    Can you find another etsy seller? I do think the horseshoe idea is cute.
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  • TRUDY!!!!  My hero... I've been looking all day and couldn't find anything like this haha!  As long as they can ship them to me asap, I'm doing it!  Keep ya posted! :)  You girls are the bomb!
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  • It sounds like you may have found your solution! Thank god!!! I just wanted to say WTF is wrong with that seller!  Make sure you give them a crap review.  It is terrible that she flaked out on you last minute.  That is a stress you do not need right now!

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  • Oh good!  I hope it works and they can ship them in time!  Or maybe you can have them shipped directly to the hotel if you explain the situation, I am sure it would be okay! 
    (oh boy - I just hope they look nice in person since I found them :-)
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  • Hehe... I read the reivews - they're all good!!  It's gonna have to work.  Here's my only question though - is this ok to just give one per couple?  They only point was to weigh down the escort cards (which I obviously have couples on them).  I did give everyone those lotto ticket favors that will be at their seat... that's ok right?  I don't see many dudes actually using these as keychains anyway haha!

    I'll just have my mom find a way to put the escort cards on them... I certainly wish I hadn't made the escort cards smaller than normal, but oh well!  Tooooo late now - we'll find a way to make it work! :)
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  • Thanks Nik - those are cool too!!!  I had such a hard time with this b/c my wedding isn't rustic in ANY way - it's like bright spring colors.  My FI was just looking for a way to tie in some KY culture, so I wanted really girly looking horseshoes hehe!  :)
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  • I think one per couple should be fine!! If you're going to keep it as a keychain, you could either punch a small hole or slide the card between the keyring part of it. I think that might work best because the paper may crinkle if you punch the hole then try to wind it around there. Or you could just use a small ribbon to tie it around the key ring if you do punch the hole. 
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  • I agree that one per couple is totally fine!
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