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bachlorett party

I'm trying to set up a bachlorett part for my friend. The bad news it is extremely short notcie as in a week! Also the bride and I do not have any girl friends besides each other. We both decided that we wanted our "brothers" really close guy friends of our to accompany us. Now I have no idea what to do with any fun stuff in mixed company. Of course we will be going out drinking down town and the guys agreed to put on wigs as a joke, but what else should I do?

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    I'm sure she would love whatever you do and be honored to have all her closest friends to pary with as her last single night.

    Maybe take her to some of her favorite bars and have a couple drinks or shots that bring back fond memories. If you always end the night with late night breakfast, do that too.
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    Just do whatever you would normally do to have fun. Maybe dinner, bar hopping, bowling, a comedy club, indoor go-kart racing. Anything to have fun and make the night memorable. And if the guys are offering, have them wear wigs. It would defintely be memorable!
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