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New to the Board: Question about DD bus

Hello everyone, since deciding to get married in Vegas in May 2012, I've been reading the history of this board, thanks for all of the great info!

I have a question about the DD Bus - has anyone used it to hop out downtown and get the marriage license?  I am thinking it might save me another cab ride to downtown.  We are planning on booking it for a meet and greet on Saturday after is on a Monday.

So I am hoping for 2 hrs: Pickup at Bally's, head downtown, quick stop (if I pre-register) at the bureau.....and then if time allows back to the LV sign and back up to Bally's.  Would a Saturday afternoon be too much traffic?  This might be too ambitous for 2 hours......although planning no photo stops along the way....
Thanks for the advice!

Re: New to the Board: Question about DD bus

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    Congrats and Welcome!!!
    I have no advice on the DD, we got our marriage certificate 11 monthsbefore the wedding on a scouting trip to Vegas.  We didn't preregister took maybe 15 minutes but we went at a random time too.
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    Welcome to the board! I would probably not use this as your mode of transportation. You can rent cars at most of the properties and this would be cheaper and less "bulky" especially if you aren't doing photos or aren't bringing any guests.. I just don't think 2 hours is enough time and you cannot estimate what you can expect at the marriage license place.

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    I would go on your own time and not on your guests time. Even with the pre-registration, you can't tell how long the wait is, and it's not actually very close to Freemont Street (about 4 miles away), so it's not very practical to get off at Freemont and walk to the court. And there area is not very touristy, bail bonds, pawn shops, and wedding chapels.

    If you're looking for a way to save money vs a cab ride, take the bus.  Las Vegas has two bus routes that run from the Strip to Downtown. They have a stop about a block away from the courthouse @ Bonneville & Casino Center. The fare is $5 for 2 hour unlimited hop-on, hop-off, $7 for a 24hour pass, or $20 for a 3 day pass.
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    The license bureau time (even pre-registering) can take some time depending.  When we went all but one couple were pre-registered, so the un-registered couple actually got out faster, lol.  That being said we went Monday night and there were only 3 couples besides us. However if you're planning to go on a Saturday I can imagine it might be very busy.

    Also, I can imagine some guests being a little confused...  Especially if it takes too long to get there and back and you have to cut the pictures.  To be honest the drive up the strip and back one way could eat an hour alone if it's busy, and you can't add on extra hours the day of unless there's no reservation after yours on that day, which you have no way of knowing for sure until the day of.

    But hopefully you can find some way to make something work for you!  Welcome to the board~
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    You guys are right, would be stressful trying to coordinate.  I'm thinking that I may reserve a limo to pick us up from the airport to go directly to the bureau, then to Sams club to pick up some refreshments for the weekend and for the DD bus, and then back to the hotel to check in. 

    Thanks for your help!
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