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father/daughter dance

im trying to pick a good father/daughter dance song for my dad and i and im coming up with nothing!! we didnt have the best relationship when i was growing up and weve just started having a better one the past couple of years. ive looked at certain websites and artists and cant come up with a song that just says DAD!! any ideas??

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Re: father/daughter dance

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    We danced to "Walk With You" by Edwin McCain.  I get teary every time I hear it.
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    im letting my dad pick with only one restriction. no rod stewert lol. my dad is a musician so he said he may write something or remix something for it
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    My little girl - Tim McGraw
    I had my father/daughter dance picked years ago! I didn't know my dad for most of my life and we've only had a relationship for the last 4 years. Now I can't wait for him to walk me down the isle and I have yet to make it through the song without crying....
    Everybody suggests Butterfly kisses for your dance. Personally, I think the lyrics don't touch me as much....
    I hope that helped.
  • allymac_5allymac_5 member
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    My dad and I just danced to "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean. Rascal Flatts also does another sweet version of it. It's a very sweet and subtle song and everyone and my wedding loved the pick! It was a hit. 
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         Me and my dad are going to dance to Kenny G/ Songbird. Its just beautiful music, no words and I felt like it captured everything I wanted to say without saying it! I hope this helps!
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    If my dad were still here I'd have us dance to Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross.  It's going to play in my reception music instead.
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    Walk WIth You - Edwin McCain
    I'll Always Be Your Baby - Natalie Grant

    I always said I'd dance with my Dad to the Natalie Grant song.  But Edwin McCain released Walk With You last year and that quickly changed!!  I predict i's going to be the new "go-to" song for father/daughter dances!!  Good luck sweetie!!
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