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Anyone doing the GI Diet? Opinions on supplements? Need some feedback!

So i was looking over the Glycemic Index Diet (GI Diet) and it looks pretty simple to follow.  As a plus this is benficial as a long term healthy lifestyle and not a crazy diet.  It essentially breaks down foods into 3 groups, green, yellow, and red.  The green means you can pretty much eat as much of it as you'd like (in moderation of course), yellow means you can have occasionally, and red is the group you want to try to avoid.  It keeps you from eating over processed food, and tries to keep you eating as natural as possible.
I was wondering if anyone has done this, or is currently doing this, and what your results have been.  Not just in weight loss, but inches lost, overall feeling (are you happier, more energetic?)

I was also curious about what kind of supplements everyone takes, or that they really love.  And before you go all crazy, i don't mean diet pills, but vitamins, protein powder, or anything along those lines.
I currently take fish oil and a multivitamin daily.  I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy.  I drink it every morning, and an hour before i go to the gym (5 days a week)  It gives me the boost i need to get through the day/workout, and tastes so good (my favorite is Blue Rasberry)  And since i've started drinking it, i've been able to cut out pop and juice, because it gives me the sweetness of something besides water.  I also have BSN lean dessert protein, and i usually take it before bed because it consists of casein protein, which is a slow digesting protein, and i've read articles that say it will help keep your metabolism going while you sleep.
Anyways, sorry for the long post, but i'd love to hear what you guys take and really love!

Re: Anyone doing the GI Diet? Opinions on supplements? Need some feedback!

  • My doctor told me the GI Diet was too restrictive, that some of the things it told me to never eat could actually be beneficial.  Also, I think it's a bit silly to make whole foods off limits.  Everything, even pizza and soda, can be enjoyed in moderation if you're following a healthy lifestyle diet.

    As for supplementing, I generally try to get all my vitamins and nutrition from food sources.  That being said, I do take a daily women's vitamin (GNC brand + extra calcium) and am a big fan of adding flax seed and chia seed (for added protein) to smoothies, yogurt, and other such things.
  • I'm on a diet that follows a similar methodology, called Primal.  And I love it.  It's sustainable long term... I follow it strictly for 85-90% of the time and have 1 or 2 cheat meals a week.  For me its a lifestyle, not a diet...

    Note on your "(in moderation)" comment for green foods... on Primal, not sure about Low GI, I can stuff my face till I explode with veggies and lean meats.  There is no limit other than what I can physically keep down.  If you stick with this, you will be physically incapable of eating too much.  Trust me.  I am ALWAYS eating... and my weight is very stable.
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  • Is the primal like the paleo diet?  I've had some friends do that one, and my roommate wants to do it as well.
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