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shes out of my wedding

so i really dont need a slap on the wrist or something like that please i know that this is not the ideal situituion but it had to be done. I kicked one of my bridesmaids out of my wedding party she told me this weeked that she didnt like my fii she said was very very hateful things about me and him and she has never said a positive thing to me in 3-4 years and to make matters worse she is my maid of honor and my sister. I am not one of those ppl who take things very hard but with the things she was saying and has been saying i had to do it. I guess this is more of a venting thing and i was woundering if you have had to do this and how you handled it?
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Re: shes out of my wedding

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    You should never ask anyone to be in your WP more than 9 months before the wedding.  You were just a tad bit hasty in asking her to be your MOH.  I'm not sure what she said, so I'm not sure if you're overreacting or not.

    To answer your question, I have not had to deal with firing anyone from my WP.  I have had a GM quit because he joined the Air Force and will be in training during our wedding, and a BM say she might quit because she has cancer and isn't sure how well she'll be then (understandably).
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  • hckaczynhckaczyn member
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    My sister and I haven't always been on the best of terms, but we're trying to get along now and she's going to be a bridesmaid, even though in the past I had sworn she wouldn't be in my wedding at all. I don't know what I would have done in your situation, but you've already made your decision so I can't help you either way. I think I would have sucked it up and tried to be the bigger person at least until the wedding is over, especially for the sake of a relationship with my sister. But it's your family, and your wedding.
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  • JGreenfan2000JGreenfan2000 member
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    the other thing is that she told me if she came she would distroy my wedding anyway she can. I have always been the bigger person but when it comes to this i had to just say no.
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