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Not sure

So Iam not sure on this and have gotten different responses from everyone I have talked to about it... Do we include the photographer and the DJ at our dinner?? Some people told me yes and others said no that they should eat prior to our reception.

Re: Not sure

  • I would say no. I'm not sending any of my venues invites and since you are paying them to be there you do not need to feed them. If there are extras then I would deff. offer them dinner and a piece of cake. But I don't think that they will expect to eat.

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  • They do expect to eat. Most photographers work 8+ hours a day at a wedding, so they definitely need food. If it is a dinner reception, the DJ will be there a few hours early to set up, so it's not like eating dinner at 3pm will really last until 11pm or 12am when the reception is over. Some venues offer special vendor meals that  are less expensive than the regular meal. This may come off as snarky, but if you want good service, you really need to feed your vendors.
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  • I would offer them dinner, they're there about as long as you are and have to actually work. I'd feel bad not feeding them. If you're unsure ask them if they want something.
  • it should be in your contract that you need to feed them a hot meal -- also the venue usually charges a much smaller fee to feed them -- my venue only charges $20 per vendor. You should def. feed them either way even if it is ordering subs or a pizza for them.
  • I agree with PP you definitely need to feed them and in many cases it will be in there contract. Our venue offers free vendor meals if we used there preferred vendors and half price meals if we do not.

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  • Definately feed them.  I have heard that most prefer to eat in another room or at their station (such as the DJ) but it is horribly rude for everyone to eat in front of them and not be offered a meal.  We will have a table set up for the vendors should they choose to eat.
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    Yes - you need to feed them if they are there for the night.  Usually they have a clause in the contract.  Also, your caterers also usually have discounted prices for vendor meals.  Check into it!
  • of course you have to feed them, they are human and they need to eat as well. working 8+ hours...yea they'll be hungry. 
  • aweilbaaweilba member
    Yes, you need to feed them.  Even if they say they'll eat prior to the reception, it would still be courteous to offer them a meal.
  • Yea, you're supposed to feed your vendors.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it's still the gracious thing to do.
  • Some vendors require a meal per their contracts, so definitely check that if you're considering not feeding them. However, whether or not they require a meal per their contract, its the nice thing to do.
  • Our photographers are gonna be with us from 12-12, we're feeding them. They said they'd probably just grab a quick something in the kitchen. DJ as well
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  • Our venue will have a special table set up for the vendors, and they have a special priced dinner (it's the same meal, but cheaper per person because they do not drink as much). You definitely need to feed them.
  • I agree they need to be offered a meal. They will be there with you all night, even if they eat before the reception chances are hours later when dinner is being served to the rest of the guests they will want to eat to! Definately offer then a meal choice.
  • would you want someone starving working for you for 8+ hours?  I'm definitely feeding the photographer since they will be with us all day long and probably the DJ too since he will definitely be missing dinner.
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  • We are having a vendor room in a small conference room outside of the ballroom.  Since we are having a band of 12 people, 2 photographers, and a photobooth attendant, we have a lot of people to feed!  We are having a party tray w/ beverages in the room so they can stop in and eat whenever they want.  It is a lot cheaper than feeding that many people the regular meal!
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  • We are also feeding the photographer because she will be with us for 12 hours during the day, it is only fair.  The DJ offered to play for cocktail hour for free if I fed him so I thought that was a pretty good deal.  
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