Harbourtowne Golf Resort, St. Michael's, MD?

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Does anyone have any experience with the Harbourtowne Golf Resort in St. Michael's, MD?  We are considering having our wedding there and visited recently, and I am undecided about a few things, especially the food (we had breakfast and it was pretty unimpressive), but the staff seemed great.  The view also seemed like it would be wonderful, but it was kind of hard to tell at this time of year.  Would love to hear anyone's feedback!

Re: Harbourtowne Golf Resort, St. Michael's, MD?

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    I had considered harbourtowne at one point until I read their reviews on Trip Advisor.  Before you get too far, I'd suggest reading the reviews -- starting with the recent and then go back about a year.  You'll see several with feed back from weddings as well as just the normal guests.
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    I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding last summer. She had the wedding at Harbourtowne and it was really, really fun. I think they'll have lots of memories for it.

    Harbourtowne Resort
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