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Wedding nightmares

Ok so I've been having wedding nightmares lately about showing up and my dress being brown or ripped or my hair isnt done as I'm walking down the aisle. What crazy wedding related dreams have you been having?
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Re: Wedding nightmares

  • Just one so far. My dress got ruined and we decided not to get married right before the wedding. We had to tell all of the guests. It was awful.
  • I keep having nightmares that it's the wedding day and I'm totally unprepared - no dress, makeup, chairs, etc. Now after brandy's post from earlier I have a new one!
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  • Mine usually involve not having my hair and makeup done (like the other night), not having half the vendors booked, and basically just not having enough time to get everything together. 
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  • oh ya last nights was that the rental company ran out of chairs and delivered extra tables to make up for it. I was like what are my guests going to do? Sit on tables?
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  • Aw, I'm really sorry you guys are having such icky dreams. I definitely had those too when the planning got stressful and as the date got closer. There was always some theme of loss or disaster, things missing etc. The worst one was that then-FI was someplace far away and couldn't make it to the wedding, and was putting himself in danger to get there. I hope all your bad dreams go away soon! I haven't had one since the wedding. :)

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    I've noticed them more since the date is getting closer. I had the stomach flu last week, the combo of that and the wedding planning made for some far out dreams.

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  • I only had a few, but they weren't too bad.

    Now I have baby dreams.  :-/
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  • I had one that I forgot to send invites, so no one showed up and it sucked really bad.

    I also had several about not having enough time, forgetting to do my hair, etc.
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