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March 2010 Weddings

Are any of you having a Lingerie Party?

The night before my wedding my MOH is throwing me a Lingerie Party. I told her I do not want to know any details and I just want to be surprised and have fun! This is my bachelorette/ Lingerie party in one. I am very excited and cannot wait. I think it will be tons of fun!

Re: Are any of you having a Lingerie Party?

  • Horray! I don't think I'm having one but you never know what surprises you'll get!
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  • Awesome - my cousin is kind of doing the same thing - except it is a "ladies brunch" the day before the wedding and she hinted it would be lingerie themed...I'm actually a little scared at what my mom will come up with for that...
  • I had a lingerie shower.  I knew I would have traditional showers at my church and FIs church, so my MOH and some friends threw me a lingerie shower with our group of friends.  It was sooo fun!
  • My mom and MOH threw me a "Naughty and Nice" themed shower.  So it ended up being mostly nighties and panties.  It was fun!
  • Not for me, but that's cause FI works in the industry and gets it all for free ;)
  • Nice! thanks! Well at my bridal shower my mom decided to get me a risk-ay lingerie. I was like MOM? wow. it was funny and unexpected.
  • Hmmm.  Not that I know about but who knows what they are planning.  Sounds like a fun time, though.
  • I'm not having a lingerie shower.  I'm a bit on the conservative side and get embarrassed easily.

    My neighbors (all of whom are knowingly not invited to the wedding) are throwing a "Love and Lust" ladies night.  We regularly get together and the hostess this month decided that because it's Valentine's Day and just before my wedding, they would theme it this way.  I'm a bit scared of the stripper pole that's being brought in. 
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  • I'm having a lingerie shower/bachelorette combo thing too--can't wait!! And no, my mother will NOT be invited to that one :)
  • I actually scheduled mine yesterday.  Instead of a bridal party luncheon I am throwing a lingerie party where everyone can purchase what they want from the vendor coming in and we will be playing games and such.  It will be a good time especially when my sister and I begin serving the drinks!
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