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December 2010 Weddings


So I've been around reading everyones posts and very rarely responding back in here and idk if I ever introduced myself. I figure with the wedding comming up I need to see what everyone else is doing at this point so I can see if I'm forgetting anything.

We are getting married 12/11/10. I love seeing how many girls are doing the same. We picked our date to be in November and then some friends got engaged after us and picked their date two weeks before. I wouldnt have minded but our best man and a groomsmen were in both weddngs so to be nice to them we decided to push back a bit and in order of saturdays it was wedding, friends party, halloween, cousin bday, weekend we were gunna do, too close to thanksgiving, brothers birthday and then the next available weekend just ended up being 12/11/10 :) Did others pick that date or stumble like I did?

Our colors are black, white, ivory and we are trying for a classic theme with vintage touches (pearls, lace dresses, my ring!)

We sent out our invites yesterday (printshop error forced me to wait) and Im sooo excited to start getting responses

Anyways.. thats me/us... gunna stalk some more posts. lol

Re: HI

  • Welcome!  So glad to have you here!  Our wedding date is 12-31-10 and we sorta of stumbled into it because our original date was 1-1-11 and the hall was already booked so we started trying to find a date that would work while FI kids were still here for winter break and we landed on NYE...it all worked out in the end.
    Your wedding sounds fabulous and I'm so glad to hear others had problems with invites too...I'm still waiting to send mine out because I don't want to send any until they're all ready to go...odd, I know.
    So, welcome and congrats and happy stalking (the mailbox and posts!  LOL)
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  • My colors are black, white and silver and I too am a 12-11-10 bride.  And yes, I stumbled upon the date.  I knew I wanted Christmas as a theme, so it had to be December.  The 4th is my sister's birthday, and the 18th I thought was too close to Christmas, so I went to the 11th.  My first thought was September 11th, and I poo-pooed the idea at first (I work in tv news).  But then I wrote out the date and saw that it was a countdown, and I was sold!

    Then I thought about it some more and we got engaged on November 11th, 2009, so the number is meaningful.  

    Good luck in all your planning and welcome aboard!

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  • My original date was 12/24 when we were getting married in Jamaica. We chose 12/18 after deciding to have the wedding here because I am in school and that is the first weekend after finals. Plus I already had a vacation planned for Xmas time, more cost effective to make it our honeymoon :)

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  • Our original date was 1/22/11 but my MaOH was due to have her baby that week so we decided to move it closer. We thought about it and FI realized that we had a 12-11-10 on a Saturday and we decided on that day because it would be really easy to remember and just a cool date. Our colors are royal blue, dark purple (lapis), ivory, and silver.
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  • Hi! 
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  • Hey! We are also a 12-11-10 couple  :)  We got engaged Feb. 2010 and originally were going for a July 2011 cruise wedding but those plans fell through because I realized my family is too large and I am close to them so it was only fair to have a more traditonal wedding...it was a hard decision to compromise but now I'm excited for our ballroom wedding. Anyway about the date, after having to change the cruise idea, we were frustrated so we decided to move the wedding up to 2010 and do it in December so we could get a discount at the venue. I looked up dates in December and it just worked out perfectly that 12-11-10 was such a perfectly cute and memorable date!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your wedding...welcome to posting on the board!
  • Hello!  We're getting married 12/11/10 also and we had to reschedule our wedding a number of times due to work schedules, military deplaoyments and other people's weddings!  Our colors are Ivory, Black, Gold & touches of Red and we're doing it Vegas, in an attempt to keep it small and intimate. hahahaha

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  • Hiya! Hope you start talking with us!

    I'm a 12.18 bride.

    I knew I wanted December or November; FH has a daughter - so I only looked at the 1st and 3rd weekends (just in case her mom wanted to act funny, it wouldn't matter b/c the wedding would be on "his" weekend.) I teach school, so the 18th is the beginning of our winter break!

    Our colors are eggplant and wine; accents are black and silver.

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  • G'day, and thanks for posting!

    We're having our wedding on the first Sunday in December - that's a significant date for FI and I - it signifies 10 years since we first spoke on the phone following high school, and also exactly 2 years to the day since he proposed.

    Your colour scheme and theme sounds super elegant!  

    Anyway, welcome, and join in as much as you like!!!
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  • I am 12-11-10 as well, and we picked it becuse FI wanted to make use of Christmas cheer, but we didn't want it right on top of Christmas, and the first week of December our friends are still in college. This weekend worked well, but honestly the next weekend would have been better for college kids. Oh well.
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