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12 year old too old to carry sign?

We are trying to find some way to involve my FI's little sister (12 yrs old). We were thinking she may be able to carry a "here comes the bride" sign. Thoughts on this? Thanks!

Re: 12 year old too old to carry sign?

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    Am I the only one who thinks those signs are silly? Everyone knows you're the bride, no announcement needed.

    The 12 year old is old enough to be a bridesmaid.
  • I've seen it done cutely, but it's usually with a younger kid. Maybe ask FI's sister what she may like to do? Our nephews are 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15, they were able to share with us what they would like to do (two of them begged to not have a job, the 9 and 12 year olds).
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    I'm sorry but those signs have to be the stupidest thing I have seen recently as a new trend for weddings.  Any twelve year old is going to feel like a complete idiot carrying that thing.  Why doesn't your FI just make her a groomswoman and have her stand with him?
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  • Ditch the sign idea!  Sorry.  I agree that she is definitely old enough to be a bridesmaid or a groomswoman.
  • Ask her what she wants to do.  She might not want to do anything.  Since she's your FI's sister, if she's in the WP, it would be more appropriate for her to be on his side.

    But ditch the sign idea.
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  • I've had 4 girls and they would have ALL been mortified to be asked to carry a sign to be involved in their brothers wedding.  Why can't she be a bridesmaid?  Please don't ask a 12 year old to do something a 5 or 6 year old usually does.  I do have to ditto Maire Poppy - those signs are absolutely silly and useless.
  • I think the sign is ridiculous. She could definitely be a bridesmaid!

    PS: I saw recently on TLC "Four Weddings" (hate that show btw!) and they had this 10 year old girl running up the aisle ringing a bell yelling, "The Bride is Coming!" I thought that was cheesy too!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: 12 year old too old to carry sign?</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>Am I the only one who thinks those signs are silly? </strong>Everyone knows you're the bride, no announcement needed. The 12 year old is old enough to be a bridesmaid.
    Posted by MairePoppy[/QUOTE]

    <div>No, you're not.  I think they are in the top 10 cheesiest things I've ever seen.  Any 12 year old would be mortified to be asked to carry that.</div><div>
    </div><div>Make her a bridesmaid or groomswoman.  </div>
  • Those signs are ridiculous. Your guests aren't idiots: they know you're the bride. 
  • Just curious, does the sister want to be involved with the wedding party? That's something to consider too.  A relative's FI wanted her 13 yr old sister involved, but the girl didn't want to be part of the wedding party, however, she did want to help with decorations, so they included her that way and gave her a mention on the program.  That might be an option for you.  Ask her what she might like to do.  Otherwise I agree with the others...the sign is silly, and she could definetly be a bridesmaid or groomswoman. 
  • My son is 12 and would sooner die than carry one of those cheesy signs. My daughter (14) would have sooner died than carry one when she was 12. Actually, they both would have died having to do that after they were about six. The signs are silly, in my opinion. 
  • How about giving her a reading?
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  • If you were 12 would you want to carry a stupid sign?  No.  If anything she wants to wear a bridesmaid dress and stand up with the other bridesmaids.  Quit trying to make this 12 year old look and feel like a dork.
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    I personally love the signs.. But I do think 12 years old is a little old for the role.  My sister is going to be my MOH and she is going to be 14. 
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  • I agree, these signs are really silly.  They're also not appropriate for a 12-year-old to carry up the aisle.  There are pleny of other things she can do to be part of the wedding, one of the easiest being a junior bridesmaid.

    On the other hand, I did have a 9 year old cousin REALLY want to carry the back of my dress up the aisle, but she had watched a lot fo the royal wedding and thought that our wedding was going to be similar.  Poor, disappointed little thing:-P

  • I agree, way too old. I think the signs are stupid too (like PP said, everyone knows how a wedding goes and will get that you're the bride, everyone's eyes will be on you without a sign...) but if it's something someone's into, I won't judge. However I see it as something done for the "awww" factor like a ring bearer. They don't really do much but hey, it's a cute kid. I'd "awww" for a 3 year old. I'd think "AW" as in the abbreviation for someone older than about 6 carrying one.
  • Let her be a bridesmaid/jr bridesmaid, reader, anything, but no sign
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