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A woman from my church, a close family friend, recently offered to throw me a wedding shower.  She said that there is a group of women at church who would love to celebrate with me!  I come from a church that is very close- most of these people have watched me grow up.  However, some of the women that she is wanting to invite to this shower are not invited to the wedding.

Now, I know that the general rule for a shower is that people who are not invited to the wedding should never be invited to a shower.  I looked at the official "etiquette" for showers, however, and it says that the exception to the rule is a work shower, where everyone from work would be invited.  Also, these women have specifically stated that they want to take part in sharing in this celebration.

The questions is, does this fall under the "work shower" category?  Or does it not count since not everyone at my church is invited?  Will they be expecting a wedding invitation if they're invited to the shower, even though it's a special church shower?

I know there may not be an exact right or wronge answer, I'm just looking for opinions!  Thanks everyone!
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    In a lot of churches, it is common for the church ladies to throw a shower without expecting a wedding invitation. I am not sure how it is in your church though!

    You could simply explain to the host(s) that while you appreciate it, you don't want to give anyone the wrong impression when you are unable to invite them and you wish to decline if that would be the case.
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    In my church, if a young lady who is a member is getting married, a shower is thrown in her honor. I haven't lived at home in almost six years, and only make it home to visit at church 3-4 times a year, and they are hosting a shower for me. I'm getting married in the town I've been living the last six years, and some of the ladies at my church won't be invited to the wedding. In our circle, that's just how it's done. They view the shower as a time to talk and catch up with the bride and her family, and wish her well... so, it's completely acceptable and expected here. You just need to follow protocol in your own area.
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