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Rhode Island


getting married in July...Looking for an all inclusive leaving from PVD, must be modern good food and safe! not in mexico or dr.  Thanks so much!  anything would be great.


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  • i2012doi2012do member
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    Ive been searching for honeymoon spots too.
    July is hard since its hurricane in the carribean

    but Barbados and Curaco are outside the hurricane belt

    I second bermuda. I went years ago with just my mom. It was a girls trip and it was a blast. We took a cruise out of Boston, so it was easy to leave and it was so fun... the beaches are beautiful and it felt more like a tourist destination with lots of history and things to do than just a "lay on the beach" vacation. We had a blast!

    Also, we love the bahamas-- we've gone back a few times... there are always good deals there too so its a plus.

    Other than that- myabe south america? But you will hit the rainy season there too
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    We went to St. Lucia--it was wonderful. We stayed at Jalousie Plantation and I would highly reccommend it. There was a hurricane 2 weeks after our trip--it was the first one in years. Some parts of the island were damaged but they are rebuilding quickly.

    We also looked at Belize. They have the jungle and/or the beach.

    Good luck!
  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    Puerto Rico! Beautiful weather, culture, history, delicious food and great vibe all around. You will feel safe as a traveler. No passport necessary and still relatively less expensive than some other destinations.
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    i'm really considering , south africa .... an adventurous honeymoon is my theme
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    We did an AI in Aruba (Riu is the name of the resort) and LOVED it! Highly recommended :)
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  • Valois&DuBoisValois&DuBois member
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    I just booked a week at Sandals in St. Lucia...I've heard only great things about it!
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