I need candles candles candles and candles

Hey ladies-
I am looking to buy ANY candles I can get my hands on for cheap.  We're having an evening wedding and I want that yard t be FILLED with candle light. Problem is- even in bulk candles arent the cheapest. So. If you are selling any candles, let me know! :)

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Re: I need candles candles candles and candles

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    I have a crap-ton of candles, and they are all in glass cylinders. I got them from Quick Candles; this set:

    BUT I got them in ivory, and they are a pretty deep ivory. I don't know if that makes a difference to you. I got a little neurotic in the end about ivory candles on stark white tableclothes, but in the end it didn't make a difference really.

    I have kept about five or six of them but the rest I'm glad to get rid of for really cheap. I also have about 40-45 votives in the mix; they are burned down pretty low, but you could totally have the holders if you want.

    If you're interested, let me know on here or email me: [email protected]
    We live in the w'port/state college area but my husband would be so excited to get rid of them, and I could drive to meet you somewhere.
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    Im completely interested! how many would you say you have?  Im right near Lancaster.
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    I have between 25 and 30 of the pillars, in the varying heights that it shows on that link. I kept 4 out for myself (a little ambiance for my patio, lol) and threw a couple away because they burned funny and the wax got all weird.

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    Check out  Not sure it they have what you're looking for but it's reasonably priced.  Good Luck!
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    What size candles are you looking for??? I have a ton of white/ivory votive candles. Let me know if your interested!
    BTW: your idea sounds beautiful :-)
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    Im looking for any size in white or ivory.  We have 15 8 foot banquet tables to decorate, and really want stagering heights and sizes for contrast. 

    extora- Im completely interested! Would  you/your husband be availble this weekend or next? Im down to about 80 days.. eeeek!! :)
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    Yup, we're available - next weekend would probably be best. Feel free to email me and we can arrange a time/place! [email protected]
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