Your ideal bachelorette party?

My girlfriend is getting married in May, and we're trying to plan out her party. 

What would be your ideal party in Cincinnati be?

Re: Your ideal bachelorette party?

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    What is the age range of the girls going? What types of places are you looking for? Clubs and lounges, or dinner and low key drinks?

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    Im pretty excited about mine in April. Were having a dinner at Legends, then the fun party in their party room, my MOH got a bus for us to go downtown and mt. adams.
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    We are looking at Shadow Box cabaret, Pole Dance Party (us learning to pole dance), dinner, bar hopping, and for me I would love to go to a punk show but my friends aren't really into it.
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    Since I do not like drinking and partying as much as many people I know, my girls are going to throw me a Pure Romance party, a cocktail tasting (during the party), and then movie night while we all pass out. It's very much a girl's night that may be hard to have after my FI and I live together. It's more about me enjoying being with the girls and getting toys for later (for free since you get stuff when other ppl buy things if you're the hostess). We're also having a shower for all of the older women in my life - wine and pampered chef.
    If that is not for you, I have been around the planning for three in the past few months. One bride is having two: shadowbox with the girls and wine tasting with the women in the family. One went to Frenchlick up in Indiana or Illinois for a Spa Weekend. The last just went bar hopping at Newport.
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    Red's game and bar hopping I think is what I am pulling for. I am a little different then most though I suppose. One of my bms scrunched up her nose when I told her so we will see...
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