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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

Help! Churches that allow non-members?

My fiancee and I are looking to get married in a church around the cities area. We dont have a specific town but really any of the suburbs are game! We are looking for a church that allows non-members to get married there without breaking the bank.
Does anyone know of nice churches that don't cost too much?!

Re: Help! Churches that allow non-members?

  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
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    What flavor are you looking for?  Catholic?  Lutheran?  Presbyterian? 
  • schmoodschmood member
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    A fair number of Catholic churches in the area want you to be a member for at least 6 months before booking a wedding.  I believe that the Cathedral in St. Paul will let non-members book but you will have to pay an increased fee.  I think Our Lady of Lourdes in Mpls also allows non-members

    Nazareth Chapel on the Northwestern College campus in Roseville is  non-denominational so I believe that you can bring in any celebrant... although I'm not certain on the rules there.  It is a very pretty chapel with some great places for photo ops just outside. 

    You could also check the chapel at Ft. Snelling. 
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    Fort Snelling, Lakewood Cemetary, Bigelow Chapel, Graebner Memorial Chapel @ Concordia U, Hoversten Chapel @ Augsburg U, 3 chapels at Luther Seminary, Little White Church in Golden Valley.
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    Ditto what others have said; most Catholic churches are very difficult if you haven't been an active member for 6 months - a year.

    I'm a student at Northwestern, so I know all the rules about Naz chapel. They are non-denominational, so you can bring in any officiant you want (as long as it's a religious ceremony). They don't allow any kind of alcohol including communion wine, so if that's a dealbreaker for you, skip them. Finally, their chapel fees are probably more than you're willing to spend (when I checked into it, I believe a Friday wedding in the off-season was $800, but a Saturday in spring or summer was over $1000). Also, some Saturday wedding times require you to have your reception at NWC's blue room. It is a nice room, however it means that your reception will be devoid of alcohol and a dance, as they do not allow either.

    We're having our wedding at St. Thomas' chapel, the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas. I know they usually require the bride or groom to be alumni of UST, but we got in because FI and his family business did a lot of the gorgeous work inside the chapel, so they made an exception. If you're looking at a Friday or Saturday morning in the off season, it might be worth checking into just to see if they have a date open that they would want filled, even if it's not by an alum.
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    We got married at my grandma's church in Hopkins, MN, Gethsemane Lutheran (ELCA) Church. They allow outside weddings, but do charge a pretty hefty fee-it was $1500 for everything.  It is an absolutely gorgeous church, but if it hadn't been for the sentimental value/tradition of getting married there (my parents, aunts, and uncle have all been married there), I wouldn't have justified the $$.

    I ditto PP about Hoversten chapel at Augsburg (my alma mater) and Ft. Snelling Chapel
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    Eden Prairie Assembly of God - southwest area

    I believe the fee is like $500. sancturay seats about 300 (roughly). they have a beautiful room with wood & window ceilings that seats like 100 sitting down and like 120 for cocktail style.  check them out!
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    We used Nazareth Chapel on Northwestern campus and it was fabulous!
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    We used Advent Lutheran Church in MG, they were great with allowing non-members to get married there! And it is a beautiful church!
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