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Venue Viewing Question

Hi All!
I recently got engaged and am going to be starting to go look at venues in about 3 weeks, is it ok to bring my mom, or do places usually prefer just bride and fiance?


Re: Venue Viewing Question

  • Congrats on your engagement! Both my mom and FI came to venue appointments. They were super accommodating and it was nice having my mom there if I was forgetting to ask certain questions. If you want to have her there, bring her.
  • I brought my mom to a few things.  I'm sure no one would think you're odd for that.  Often, she was more helpful than FI who just kind of nods.  Congrats on the engagement, btw.

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  • I brought my mom and FI to look at venues, and later we brought FI's parents too.
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  • The first time I looked at my venue, FI wasn't my FI yet. :-P Yes, I know, big "no no" but I'm only in MN a few times a year, and on the off chance that he was gonna propose last year, I went and checked it out last winter. So I brought my mom and dad and the venue had no issue with that. 

    And really, any venue shouldn't have any issues with you bringing anyone, considering they have no idea who's paying for what. They should kiss up to anyone you bring because any of them could be paying for all they know! :)
  • Bring whomever you want.  If they complain, I'd give them the big side eye.  :) 

    When we went, it was just FI and I.  My sister got married 5 months before me and my folks had done a tour of venues with her when she got engaged.  There are only so many places to see - and they left it entirely up to us to decide anyway.  FI's parents vision for our day wasn't going to mesh with ours so it was best to not include them.  We had enough drama over the course of things as it was. 
  • We toured places just the 2 of us the first time we went and then brought my mom when we returned. None of the places had a problem with it. I loved having my mom there because she asked tough, forthright questions that I was more timid about. She remembered things that I didn't, and it was one more person to bounce things off of and another perspective to see things from.

    If a place does not welcome you mom, then I think I'd run. It sounds pretty shady if they only want the B&G there. They might be hoping that the guy is not interested and that the girl has her wedding brain on and doesn't care about certain details.
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