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He proposed on my birthday!

So my story is interesting, drama (who doesnt have that?!)... Back in Dec last year dear Fi proposed originally, much due to my pushing for it ( I know, I know, bad way to start).  Not only that, but we were having some relationship issues, and many were telling us we werent ready for it, he would hurt me, blah blah.  So after some drama ( on both our parts) we called it off, and have just been working on our issues.  Much has changed since then, we both have grown up, together, ALOT.  I hear from my mom & others that he is not good for me, the whole I know what's best thing.  But many of my friends have thankfully been supportive that he makes me happy & in the end that's what matters.  And all thru our issues, we still love each other, & knew we had to work things out.  He's young (4 years younger) but he's grown up alot.  And I learned how not to be such a damn control freak, let him become a commited man, at his pace.  
SIDE NOTE, his mom wants to pay for both of us to fly to MN (we live in CA) so I can meet his family.  I've been freaking out cuz I felt like, why am I meeting all the family when I'm just a girlfriend, and we've been through alot of problems???  

Anyways, so all that aside, we've been having such a beautiful relationship since we've learned & grown together.  I love him more now than I ever have.  And here's how he showed his love:

Yesterday was my birthday, 27.  He took me out to a beautiful italian restaurant, I actually got brave to eat & love a shrimp & scallops plate(seafood usually not my forte).  He seemed nervous, but I really didn't know why.  I thought it was cuz he let me choose a restaurant out of our budget, & maybe he was worried about the bill.  So we are looking at desserts, and the waiter asks what we want.  FI says, surprise us.  I look at him in dismay, here I am drooling at a chocolate decadence cake, but he wants some random dessert.  So I tell  him, ok if I hate whatever we get Ima have to make you sleep on the couch.  He says, nope I think this will be the best dessert ever.  So I'm practically steaming, in a non-serious way (lol), waiter comes out with a plate: berries, 2 scoops of icecream (candles) on the sides, and the ring box sitting right in the middle!!!  From here on out, I'm a mix of laughing & crying, makeup smearing lol.  He gets down on one knee, and says (refer to side note): "do you really think I'd take you home to meet my family without being my fiancee first"  OMG that was the best thing he could've said ever!!!  Of course I said yes, he was laughing & crying too, which totally threw me off guard.  In the background, I can hear everyone clapping & cheering.  Oh, it was just the most perfect evening ever!
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Re: He proposed on my birthday!

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