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It seemed like the weekend flew by for me, but I got a lot accomplished.
Friday we went out for dinner and a movie, we realized it was the first time we had ever done that in our 8 years together! We saw Lincoln which was a great movie and we were probably the youngest couple there by 20 years! We laughed at that.
Saturday I worked at YC. After work we took all the Christmas decorations out of the attic.
Sunday was all about putting up the main tree and the little snowflake themed tree.
I'm crossing my fingers that Rux doesn't destroy both trees by the time I get home today!

I work at YC three days this week and then again on Saturday. I'm going to be beat this week so I'm hoping it goes fast!

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Re: Monday

  • Happy Monday!

    I decided to take a sick day on Friday- it was raining and work has been so slow it's agonizing. DH had the day off too so we went out for breakfast, did some Christmas shopping, started to take out the decorations, and met up with some friends for dinner. We spent the rest of the weekend lounging around, putting up the tree, and visiting the parents. It's been raining since Thursday, and I think we'll finally see the sun tomorrow.

    Ash- Glad you liked the movie, we want to watch it too! GL with your xmas decorations, I hope Rux doesn't reek too much havoc over the next month.

    Where is everyone else?
  • hey girls! not much going on here. the weekend did feel short. liam got home saturday afternoon and then we watched the football game and had burgers. then sunday we bummed around, eventually went to get groceries and put up our christmas decorations. we have so much christmas stuff!!!! :)
    this week i don't have a lot going on. have to find some more motivation and figure out some more to do. we're thinking of going to some ND basketball games this week.
    ash -- don't wear yourself out too much! we broke out our christmas tree candle last night and yum it is awesome!
    chrissy -- sounds like a nice weekend! it's rainy here too, boo!
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  • This weekend was actually short for me (just one day off) and really busy. We are still up to our eyeballs in our renos so we haven't started decorating for Christmas yet but we did go to Bright Nights - they decorate part of the park and you ride the miniture train which is also all decorated - on Friday.
    We decided to do a gift exchange with DH's family so we each only buy for one person which makes our shopping so much easier (and makes me glad I'm a procrastinator and haven't done it yet).

    Ash - hope Rux doesn't destroy the trees
    Chrissy - yeah for 'sick' days
    Lisa - I think I need to break out the candle too!

  • Lisa- Sounds like a nice weekend overall. Woohoo for Liam being back, and lots of Christmas cheer!
    Andrea- Bright Nights sounds fun :). Hopefully the renos get done soon so you can have your house back! I love gift exchanges, that's what my family does. We all give the kiddos gifts and do the exchange among the adults, it's so much easier with a growing family. Now if only Dh's family would get on board!
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