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dark circles/bags under eyes?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good treatment? I have had the worst circles and bags under my eyes for the last year or so and I would like to try something that helps before the wedding. I have about 6 mos.

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Re: dark circles/bags under eyes?

  • Always always always eye cream. Don't forget it -- eyes need a different kind of moisturizer than your regular moisturizer. Lots of water, less caffeine, and you could go to your local spa to get some eye treatments. Most places have special treatments for eye pampering, you could do something once a month.
  • Dark circles are usually hereditary although they can also be allergy related.  There's only so much you can do for them.  Getting good sleep definitely helps. 

    I use an eye gel every morning that I keep in the refrigerator--I use a MK one but Oil of Olay makes one also.  On the morning of the wedding, I put cold tea bags on my eyes.

    Some girls on here recommend Preparation H of all things for the bags.
  • I have heard about Preparation H being good for dark circles/bags.

    I usually always have circles bc of my allergies. I use Good Skin's Instant Eye Lightening Creme which Kohl's sells. I also use eye lotion every morning and night. And a good concealer helps, too.
  • I have hereditary dark circles. After trying lots of different products to fix them, I just found a great concealer to use to cover them up. I love Neutrogena's 3-in-1 under eye concealer, I don't leave the house without it anymore. It is just a little thick so I add moisterizer to it and it blends really well.

    If concealer doesn't work, try going to a dermatologist and see if they can recommend anything. Prescriptions would be more effective than OTC products I would think.

    Good luck!
  • I used Vita K for a while and  I noticed a difference.
  • Well I caved and ordered the eye gel that Kate Gosselin says is like botox in a jar.  I'll let everyone know how it works!
  • There are a number of causes for dark circles/puffiness.  Preparation H really only works on bags, and not the Preparation H you can get in the US.  Canandian Preparation H is the way to go for bags.  There's an additional ingredient that helps with puffiness...I forget what it is.

    Kinerase makes really good eye products.  They have 2 that are for dark circles/puffiness, but they aren't cheap.  One is somewhere around $70 and the other is around $80... the "Under Eye Rescue"and "C8 Peptide for Eyes" are the two products.  

    Eye creams that have caffeine in them are good for bags.  As for dark circles, look for eye creams that use vitamins C, E, and K.  And drink lots of water.  And sleep.
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    Also, get covers for your pillowcases - sometimes dust mites cause the puffy eyes. Drink a lot of water and in particular a glass before bed, and for dark circles, I have not found a better concealer that Amazing Cosmetics brand concealer, which can be ordered from Sephora - this stuff is the bomb!
  • i had my makeup trial at sephora last weekend and they put a Benefit eye cream on and it helped tremendously! then followed it with the Sephora concealer, i bought them both.
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    I have large, concave dark circles under my eyes--hereditary--that aged me considerably. I had a restylane injection. It filled up some of the concave part so that the shadow doesn't look so deep there, and it adds a layer between the thin skin. It actually really helped, although I do not recommend it if you don't like needles. I had no problem, no pain, no issues...just one pea-sized bruise under my eye where one of the injections went in. It cost $500. Probably not most people's cup of tea, though. I would have NEVER thought I would do something like that, but not a day passed without someone telling me "You look tired!"  and I was soooooo sick of it!!! Since the injection, I haven't heard that once.
  • Benefit do an amzing thing, think its called ooh la lift, makes everything tighter and brighter!
  • I have not found any cream to reduce the look. Drinking lots of water did help my overall complexion though, as well as taking vitamins. I LOVE my bobbi brown concealer. I do not look awake/normal without it!
  • I swear by Prescriptives Flawless Skin concealer, it's only $22 and saves you a trip to the dermatologist!
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