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AW- Ring & BM dresses

Hello everyone!!!
I just wanted to share my news since I haven't been able to do anything wedding related since my accident.
Today I went bridesmaid dress shopping with 2 of my bridesmaids. I was hoping we could find some cute regular dresses from Nordstrom's or Dillard's but we ended up at David's Bridal anyways. Frown
BUT they did find 2 that they liked there! They are these 2 cotton sateen ones (with pockets!):


We can't decide if we should have everyone wear the second one because they both LOVE that one or if everyone should wear different ones. I'm leaning towards different ones, but we'll see what my sister thinks.

Then when I got home I decided to buy a wedding band that I found on eBay yesterday for $150! I'm pretty excited about it because I haven't been able to find a flowery one that I liked for less than $500. It's white gold with diamonds and it's suppose to be a vintage estate piece but for $150 I'm not sure if that's legit. But I love it anyways!!

YAY! Laughing  Thanks for listening to my rambling!

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