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Do I still send an invitation?

We are planning a destination wedding, and know that there are a few people ( grandparents, some aunts and uncles) that will be unable to attend. Should I still send an invitation?

Re: Do I still send an invitation?

  • Yes.  Sometimes plans can change, and some people might want it just for a keepsake.  I sent my grandparents invitations, even though I know they can't come.
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  • I would say yes, send out the invites. I have the same issue with my grandparents, and some other family members (I'm from Maryland, but I'm getting married in Minnesota, which is where I now live).

    Even if they can't come, I bet they'd love to have something to look at. Plus, they might find it disrespectful or tactless to -not- invite them. I know that's how my traditional grandparents think.
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