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CHECK: Nordstrom Men's Half Yearly!

Hooray so a BIG check off our list! We got my FI a suit yesterday for the wedding and boy does he look HOT! They are having AMAZING sales so I suggest you go check it out, you can pretty much buy a suit for the price of renting one! What do you ladies think?

Re: CHECK: Nordstrom Men's Half Yearly!

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    Looookin good!!! Laughing
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    Looks good & that's a great idea.  I will have to see if FI wants to go!
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    Yeah well my FI does NOT like to shop at all... but Mike at the downtown Nordstrom is fabulous and just pulled a bunch of stuff and made the whole experience really easy and fun!!
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    Yum! I mean...um...yeah, he looks really good! And thanks for the post, I always forget when the sales are.
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    Definately looks like marriage material :)  That's actually a really good idea. I will wait for their summer sale, since our date is not till Oct.
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    He looks GORGEOUS! Great job on the tux and the man. :) He looks like a model! LIke you!
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    Great looking suit! Thanks for posting about the sale.
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