Any 40-something second time brides out there?

I've been browsing the Knot and the boards, and I feel sort of out of place, as I'm a second time bride, age 43, with 3 kids between my fiance and myself.  Anyone else out there like me?  Just thought maybe we could share stories and situations....anyone else blending families?  What kind of wedding are you planning?  Love to hear from any and all of you!


Re: Any 40-something second time brides out there?

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    I don't necessarily fit into that scenario, but I wanted to say welcome anyway!  I personally don't think age matters here, so don't feel shy about posting.  We all have something in common... we're getting married!  Everyone here is very welcoming and great for advice.
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    Totally agree with akulaji !! Welcome & don't be shy!
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    Welcome to the board, don't feel out of place you're here because you're getting married.  There are a lot of great girls with tons of great info, so don't be shy.
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome!  I love reading about everyone's weddings and wedding plans!  I've gotten a lot of good ideas already!
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    Welcome! Ditto pp's.. don't be shy or feel out of place. All the girls here are great and have awesome advice and are really welcoming. GL with your planning!
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    Welcome and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

    Definitely don't be shy about posting ... the women here are great to share with and bounce ideas off of. While I don't fit the same scenerio either I think we can both bring something to the table within posts. Alot of us come here to not only plan and share in our ideas but to also let off some steam and vent about wedding drama, family situations, IL's etc. and I think with everyones different background we each bring forward different perspectives to each situation. Yourself blending 2 families with 3 children I think you would bring a different perspective on situations than say myself or others and I think that would be valuable to all of us.

    Happy Planning! Smile

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