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August 2010 Weddings

poor fi...

our bach parties were both supposed to be this weekend. he made plans to go away to Bar Harbor, ME with a bunch of friends and i am going to be using our apt to host girls in NYC.

for him, it somehow ended up being a group of just 4 including himself and his brother (BM). it was all just unfortunate... someone was going to another bach party already, someone ended up in the hospital recently, someone is relocating to london for work, someone has unexplained swollen feet, etc. i feel so bad for fi. he feels like it's going to be so lame with just 4 people that he's thinking about cancelling.

i think he should still go and that he'll probably still have a good time, but he seems so torn about it. his flight to ME is friday night, so i don't know what to tell him. i told him he can obviously stay home and we can do a joint bach party in the city, but i know he doesn't really want that.

any suggestions for fun alternatives if he does cancel it? thanks ladies!

Re: poor fi...

  • thanks, ladies! he talked to his brother and he decided to go through with it. now he just needs to book a hotel!
  • good! he definitely should go! my b-party was only me and 4 other girls and we had a friggin blast! Like my teachers always used to say: it's quality, not quantity!
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