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Venting here. Wondering if anyone else is dealing with a controlling mother. Mine has tried to hijack the guest list with her people, she thinks it's her party. Here's the rub.. Other than covering the cost of her guests and the photographer we are paying for everything which is a huge sacrifice on our part! I can't afford a coordinator so she has taken on that role as well also will be doing the invites she is a calligrapher I have planned everything else found all the venues in Manhattan in NYC with our tiny budget. Obviously her role in the wedding comes with strings but what the f? We don't want people there we don't care about and have enough space limitations as is! Arggh!! Thanks for the vent...

Re: Momzilla!!

  • i dont have a mom to play that role.  sounds hard.  have you sat down and talked to her so you 2 can get on same page.  i would also tell her you want her as the mom role and not play all these parts
  • Thanks for your advice. I am looking into a DOC.
  • welcome anytime.
  • OP, I am not in that situation, but it sounds tough! A DOC is a great idea. 
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  • My mom created a pretty large guest list but she thinks most of them won't come. My parents are giving us some money towards the wedding but we are paying for alot of it. If a lot of her guests come she said she would also cover their plates as well. So that's fine with me beacuse I just didn't want to have to pay for them all if they decided to come. You specifically said "hijack the guest list" so I'm thinking she is wanting to invite a ridiculous amount of people. Maybe you could sit her down and just tell her that's not what you envisioned for your wedding. This really is a tough spot because it's your mom. Good news is she is probably so proud of and happy for you that she wants to share it with all her friends! Hope you can work it out!!
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    Thank you everyone! I think we figured things out...for now. Other than the invites and helping with the centerpieces and flowers I just knocked my moms role wayy down. I basically told her how many ppl total she could invite and then that was that. I have already found a DOC that is really within budget :) and highly recommended by other knotties in my area! One of my best friends is getting married in October of this year and she has been venting to me about her mom as well. I have so many friends whose moms have passed so I am trying to be grateful for her being there- but rigid boundaries are a must with family and wedding planning! Sealed
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