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Honeymoon Airfare

I've been watching airfare prices and we are just under 7 months out. Does anyone have any advice on when is a good time to purchase? We are using a timeshare that has already been booked so we do have exact travel dates.

Is there a better day of the week or time of the year or does is just matter how far in advance you buy?


Re: Honeymoon Airfare

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    i've heard that buying on a week day gets lower rates. i'm not sure if thats true.
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    side note.. i thought you were getting married on the 24th. did you change your date? :)
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    sarack- Nope we did not change the date- we were always getting married on Friday July 23! :) 
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    FI said that it is the cheapest by far to book between midnight-4am.  I don't remember if that was on a particular day of the week (I think it was), so I will ask him when he comes home.  I know it sounds weird, but whenever he books a trip, he stays up late so he can get a cheaper price!
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    Supposedly if you book on Monday or Tuesday it's cheaper. But in general earlier is better ... analysts think oil prices will rise, not fall, over the next year.

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    I recall reading somewhere that Tuesdays are the best days.  Have you tried googling to see "best time to purchase airfare"?  I'd imagine there would be a ton of articles on the subject.
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    I've ehard Tuesdays also, but in its not always true.  Watch the prices for a few weeks and see if there are differences in prices for your destination.
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    Where are you going?  How does the cost for tickets to your destination compare to the high and low fluctuations for that trip?

    The tix to Hawaii are just godawful expensive right now.  Prices aren't just decided by the price of oil, but also by the demand for the tickets.  So if you wait a few months and they drop, that means fewer people are buying the tickets you want adn the airlines are trying to get people to buy the tickets.  When that works, the prices go back up. 

    IMO, HI airline tickets are still really high right now, so we're going to wait until they drop a bit before we buy.  But not too long.  I don't like waiting much longer than 4 months beforehand to buy tix - it just stresses me out (because again, when there are fewer tix, the price will go up again).
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    Carrie- That is true about Hawaii right now.
    We are going to the Carribean- Saint Maarten. Right now they are around $600 per person round trip. I have been watching for over a month and it hasn't changed more than $50.
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    Damn Knot! I wrote an answer to this post then it went to server error and didn't show up!
    So what I said was that I don't know much about what the best days are, but when I was looking into the Caribbean over a month ago, the ticket prices were still around $550. Seems like they haven't changed much! Maybe wait until they drop from $600, or until spring since people from northern America may stop fleeing and prices drop.
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    bing seems to have a cool new feature that predicts travel costs for the next 30 days.  not sure what it's based on, but it might give you a good idea of how the rates go up and down based on what day you purchase.


    good luck!
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    If you go to bing dot com and click on travel, you can put in your desination and it will tell you the likelyhood of when the fare will go up or down in the near future.  My co-worker has used it and it's pretty neat.
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